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Posted by on August 26, 2020

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of kbvision cameras

Choosing the right quality standard CCTV system that meets your needs will help you monitor and run your business, make production easier, save money in time and money. silver troubleshooting.

If someone is wondering whether it is good to install kbvision cameras for houses, restaurants, and hotels. Read the advantages that this type of camera kbvision 2mp offers below to find the answer for you:

Kbvision is a famous global security camera brand from the US, this camera brand has high quality, good security, and is trusted by many people. Therefore, this type of camera is very trusted by customers. And when entering the Vietnamese market, this brand has confirmed its quality class. In Vietnam, Kbvision cameras began to appear in 2005 and compete quite well with other giants like Hikvision and Dahua.

This is considered as a great solution for those who are planning to upgrade their surveillance system, as it will save a considerable amount of money. KBVIS: This line of cameras is for the mainstream segment, so users can rest assured because the price is very competitive.

Currently on the Vietnamese camera market, trọn bộ 8 camera kbvision is a brand that many companies, as well as consumers choose to install. Why? while on the market there are many other camera companies competing.

Not necessarily good quality is better than everything, although there are still shortcomings, but KBVISION still deserves a good brand camera line for us to choose.

Why camera kbvision is a famous brand

Why camera kbvision is a famous brand

What are the strengths of the kbvision camera?
Kbvision is a line of smart camera products with American brand, has beautiful image quality, high durability, camera with few technical errors by manufacturers.

  • Diverse models, functions such as anti-theft, recording, anti-backlight, camea counting, face recognition camera …
  • Camera uses the most modern technology and the leading security technology in the security equipment industry
  • Competitive price for lắp đặt camera kbvision trọn bộ camera kbvision giá rẻ Vietnamese consumers.
  • Meet total security solution
  • There are many product lines from popular products to high-end products, suitable for many projects and projects.

Video cctv:

Currently on the CCTV market there are 2 types of cameras that are IP cameras and Analog cameras:

IP Camera kbvision: is a wireless camera operating mainly thanks to wifi, this camera can operate independently without the need for a video recorder, images are stored on a Micro SD card. IP cameras work mainly on the wifi network, so when the wifi network is installed is not strong enough, stable at the location where the CCTV camera is installed, the wifi will not work well, interrupt, the camera will flicker.

  • Camera CVI KBVISION: A camera that wiring signals from the recorder to the camera, this camera works with an attached video recorder and a hard drive to store images. INCLUDING CAMERA PRODUCTS
  • KH / KM camera line: Imported camera line manufactured in Taiwan suitable for medium projects such as schools, hospitals, warehouses.
  • KB camera line: is the imported lắp đặt camera kbvision line made in China, is the camera line suitable for installing small projects such as households, shops, shops.
  • KX camera line: is a complete imported camera line manufactured in China for small and medium projects.

The benefits when you install Kbvision security cameras
Phần mềm xem camera kbvision

  • When installing Kbvision camera will bring the following benefits:
  • Monitoring all activities in the position to observe anytime, anywhere.
  • Protect the security and assets of your family.
  • Face detection also gives alarms when thieves intrude or cross the virtual fence of CCTV.
  • With the company can supervise employees, workers work voluntarily. From there, improving work efficiency more.
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