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Take all the chances with Spotify plays!

How often do you hear the phrase “I found a track on Spotify”? I have no doubt that often, because Spotify opened the world of streaming music to people, becoming a real musical revolution. Currently, more than 100 million people regularly use the service and almost 30 million songs of completely different genres and styles are available. You may be interested in how you can help your career through Spotify by simply uploading your tracks there. You can realize creative ambitions by starting to promote your music. In particular, you need to think about decision to buy Spotify plays. I’ll try to explain to you clearly why it is worth promoting the tracks in this way.

To fully understand all the reasons, you need to get acquainted with the capabilities of the service that the application opens to its users. One of the biggest benefits is cross-platform. Due to the fact that the Spotify application is available on almost all devices with Internet access, such as a smartphone, computer, TV and even a smart fridge. This function allows you to continue listening to any device exactly from the same moment you finished on the previous device. And long-term use of the application thanks to intelligent algorithms turns Spotify into an inexhaustible source of new products. Such a music lover will appeal to everyone, you just have to try. And now you appear, with your tracks.

Now let’s look at the pros of ability to buy Spotify plays. Undoubtedly, the difference between premium and regular plays will be noticeable in the long run. You see, users of the free version of the program face certain restrictions that are not available for paid subscribers. Such restrictions are the presence of advertising, the inability to skip tracks and more. However, for you, as a musician, these are more advantages than disadvantages. After all, the main part of the audience is using the free version, I do not buy an expensive subscription. Therefore, in the system, the popularity coefficient is calculated differently than for premium users. Free users make up the backbone of the service, and the performer’s popularity is dependent on their plays.

What are the outcomes of big number of plays? The song will more likely catch the eye and interest people. I have no doubt that thanks to the Spotify plays, a well-known producer will notice you, and he will continue to work on your career. Success is waiting, do not be afraid to act!

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