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10 Design Terms Used By Web Design Agencies

While redesigning or creating a website, you might have come across a few standard design terms. Top web design Singapore companies use these terms to describe the final look and design element of a website.

Some of the common terms are:

  1. Visual Hierarchy: It refers to the arrangement of visual elements on a page in a manner where the most critical component has a greater emphasis.
  1. Contrast: It refers to the emphasis of differences between varied colors, spacing, or shapes.
  1. CMYK: standing for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, a combination of CMYK colors get used for printing.
  1. RGB: Stands for red, green, and blue, this is a color model used for the screen as monitors transmit lights in these colors.
  1. Design Elements: Any element added to the website in the way of shape, space, value, form, texture, or color refers to a design element. These include images, texts, and icons.
  1. Typeface: A collection of characters, including letters, numbers, and punctuation, is known as typeface.
  1. Font: A typeface is a particular size, shape, and design is known as a font.
  1. Saturation: It is the intensity or brightness of a specific color.
  1. Hue: It is the term for the origin of the color we see. You can think of it like the six primary and secondary colors that we see. These get mixed to form other hues that we know.
  1. Pantone: A specific custom hue of a particular color, Pantone, is used for printing and to color match.

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