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Things to do when accused of sexual assault

Cases of sexual assault are so emotive and when leveled against you, they will most likely disorganize you. If you are accused of sexual harassment, and even if you’re innocent, you need the help of a professional- otherwise, it may leave you tattered.

Many sexual related cases never get settled before trial, the case can go for up to 18 months, a period within which you’re under restrictions and full of uncertainty.

Following are some of the things you must do when falsely accused

 Get to know the level of trouble you’re in

Underestimating the ramifications of the case can be so costly and can lead to wrong decisions.  Unfortunately, most of those that are involved in such cases go through some denial and assume things will work out by themselves and that doesn’t minimize problems at all. Such people fail to do what they are supposed to and thus get into deeper problems.

For instance, you may have child abuse allegations emerging from a divorce case and you think is a small matter. You could be shocked if the other party files a case and you’ve criminal charges to answer. By the time you get out of trouble, you’ll have paid enough for your negligence.

The secret here is to take things seriously from the word go and get an experienced sex assault attorney who will shield you from harmful litigation.

Get an attorney to represent you

You may never know how important some of these professionals are until you have a serious case like sexual assault leveled against you. There are specialists for all sorts of cases; criminal cases, car accident attorneys, among many others.  Thus when looking for a professional, get a sex assault attorney who has experience in dealing with all manner of cases.  Check out their CV and find out how many similar cases you’ve handled.

Building a war chest

You may not want to hear it but sex-related cases can be damn expensive. If you’re falsely accused of child assault, like rape, there’s a higher probability of criminal charges. The probability of conviction is also high unless you workout to ensure you get things out of hand. You’ll need to go ahead of yourself and seek for psychological tests and a perfectly designed polygraph and such testing.  You can also line up evidence and experts and this you do at a cost. Adjust your thinking to thousands of dollars, not hundreds. Don’t listen to some professionals who promise some cheap solutions- brace yourself for the worst case.

Educate yourself a little

Choosing anyone to represent you is a matter of “Caveat emptor”. Do not rely on what other people tell you even experts. Ignorance is no defense in a court of law and therefore you need to educate yourself on the subject area.  When your team advises that you do something, you should know why you’re doing it and the effects of your decisions.

When faced with a sexual harassment case, it’s important that you find out more information on the nature of such cases.  You also need to get an experienced San Francisco sexual harassment attorney to help you sail through the murky waters and emerge unscathed.

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