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Posted by on January 29, 2020

Steam is the most well-known stage to purchase games (particularly PC games). In any case, now and then when I update a game from steam it stops in the half with a mistake message A blunder happened while refreshing the game (Content file locked).

#1. Reset netsh Winsock

In the event that you don’t get the outcome in the initial step, attempt this. netsh winsock is a direction by which you can recuperate any files which cause a downloading, refreshing mistake. Before beginning this procedure initially go to your steam account, at that point in settings and clear your store memory and close the window.

Presently, you are prepared to do it. To start with, open show window to composing windows key + R together. On the off chance that it doesn’t show up, you need to physically go to your PC look box and quest for run and open the program.

After that enter the code netsh winsock reset and hit enter. It would be ideal if you try to compose the best possible code or you can duplicate from here. From that point onward, restart your PC and open steam again and update your game. I trust you get wanted outcomes with this strategy, yet in the event that you don’t get proceed with the accompanying strategies.

#2. Supplant old Steam files with new ones

On the off chance that the above strategies don’t work for you, attempt this. Right now, supplant the old file of the game which is demonstrating a blunder to a crisp one. After this, you need to refresh the entire game from the earliest starting point.

To apply this technique, first close your steam window. At that point go to your files index where you have introduced Steam. By and large, it is introduced in C/program file ×86/steam. Be that as it may, in the event that you pick an alternate way area, it can change. In the steam organizer, open logs envelope and afterward message. Here all your downloading, refreshing information is spared. To see, on the off chance that you have any mistakes, look down underneath.

In the wake of finding the root organizer re-open steam and sign in. Presently, move the root envelope of the game you wanna update to the download segment of your steam account. In the event that you do it appropriately, you see an update window Pop up. Simply update it and blast!

#3. Uninstall it

In the event that you don’t recover your ideal outcomes yet first up your information (in steam organizer). At that point uninstall the product and reinstall it. Open the steam programming and check if the issue is tackled.

I trust these means help in taking care of the issue. I referenced these means for the Windows activity framework. Presently, we should discuss on the off chance that you have a Linux activity framework, what you ought to do to comprehend it:


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