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Posted by on October 15, 2018

Spring is destined to be a season that prompts people to change and motivate people. The MMs who love beauty will always dress themselves up in such a season, and of course they must start from scratch. A delicate curly hair is the hottest hairstyle this spring, and you can see beautiful curly hair on the crowded street or on the quiet university campus.

Short hair

For Asian women, short hair is the fastest and most effective to attract others’ attention. Because unlike Europe and America, mm has three-dimensional facial features, so the hair around the face should be as close as possible, and create a fullness with the layering of the gap. Facial curve.

Lazy air curls

Slightly lazy air curls, in order to not make people look uncomfortable, the hair color uses a dark brown system, the fluffy curvature of the side of the hair can make the face appear smaller, the combination of mixed rolls creates an unpretentious early spring posture.

Fresh natural curly hair

The bright hair color adds a dreamy atmosphere. Unlike the garden hair style, this style of shoulder curl does not use the method of making the hair to the end of the clip in hair extensions. It only shows a soft curvature at the end of the hair, so the natural and fresh breath is also obtained. Very good show.

Dynamic and easy to curl

Rich hair styling is the focus of the whole hairstyle. In order to enhance the soft effect, Liu Hai’s treatment uses the oblique arc of no obvious line to achieve the light and dynamic abundance of hair, creating an eye-catching youthful vitality.

Feminine slightly delicate curly human hair extensions

The feminine spring hairdressing, feminine micro-curvedness, rounded lines create a sweet and delicious way from the past, and the fluffy mid-length hair without accumulation is inadvertently bringing a slightly delicate sexy atmosphere.

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