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Posted by on April 29, 2019

You fantasise about the presence of the wisdom teeth, but slowly when you grow up, you can face lots of problems regarding the wisdom teeth. When you go through the issues, the dentist suggests you remove it. Removal of wisdom teeth is quite painful, and it can make you stressed and disturbed unless the teeth are not removed. People either require removing 1-2 wisdom teeth or the four together.  Read the blog to know the reasons why you must choose to remove the wisdom teeth.

  1. Wisdom Tooth Cavity Is Easy To Have As It Is Hard To Clean

As you know that wisdom teeth are based in the back of the jaw, the cavities occur easily there. So, if you overlook floss and brush regularly, you will have a cavity on the wisdom teeth. The dentists say that the cavity leads to tooth decay. It can further lead to pain for you. The Dentist Temora or at any other location will suggest you remove the wisdom tooth or teeth is you have cavities. The cavities on the wisdom teeth are difficult to access.

  1. Damage the Other Adjacent Teeth

Not only have your gums, but the wisdom teeth also affected your adjacent teeth and the molars too. The wisdom teeth are considered to be quiet rude, and they do not think about other’s personal space. If you have small space in your oral cavity, the wisdom tooth will push the adjacent tooth to move for making the space. This will damage the enamel of the teeth and also generate pain and swelling. When the wisdom tooth moves the adjacent molars, it can lead to filling or even in severe cases; you might go for the root canal. So, if you are feeling pressure on the adjacent teeth or the molars, you should immediately consult with the dentist who can help in the removal of your wisdom teeth.

  1. Tooth cysts and tumours

One of the common problems caused by the wisdom teeth is the cyst or the tumours. When you do not remove your existing wisdom teeth, you can experience the growth of the cysts or the tumours around the teeth. These cysts or tumours are painful, and they can often cause bleeding. So, it is better to remove these teeth so that you do not have to any problem later.

  1. Excessive wisdom teeth pain on the gums

One of the harmful things about the wisdom teeth is that excessive pain on the gums. When the wisdom tooth is growing, it will push the other teeth to make space, and it will cause swelling. Hence, it can lead to pain and discomfort.

If you are considering the wisdom teeth extraction, you should consult the dentist first who is having experience and knowledge in this field. You must tell your problems so that the professional can give you the right suggestions. The wisdom teeth removal can be painful if you do not take the right steps or precautions.


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