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Posted by on October 13, 2019

When you are unable to take care of your aging family member, you will begin to consider moving them to a supportive living community. But before relocating your loved ones to a supportive living community, you must first think about the benefits of being there. After transferring to a supportive living community, your beloved senior will benefit a little differently, such as get more friends around, engage in a variety of activities, take someone to a physician when he sick, and stay safe. After they have lived in San Jose Assisted Living community for several months, the real benefits will become visible to the residents and their families. To move on to a different life from the current living situation, you have to give something else, and making a move requires to think like “trade-offs.”


One of the most significant benefits of assisted living is safety. Living with others can serve as a safety net if the older person is weak and vision-impaired or their legs are weak. Moreover, people in the neighbourhood will be there to help the older person safely move out or get up off the chair. If at any time they are the victim of an accident or a health emergency or fall, they will never feel alone. Many communities have emergency response systems in each apartment or are given a “lifeline” or pendant to call a resident for seeking help.


It is harder to prepare nutritious food and to go to market shopping when we become aged. The concept of “cooking for one” becomes challenging when our family member stays lonely. There are many supportive communities that offer various menu choices and meal, whereas most of the assisted living communities give at least once if they can’t provide three meals a day. If the associations provide hydrated and nutritious meals to seniors, their health will improve and well-nourished. Diabetes and heart disease are likely accommodated when supportive communities give special dietary considerations. The time of taking meal is the most valuable moment than any other event of the day.


Although not required, having a nurse at assisted living communities is a big benefit to the residents. The nursing staff oversees the health of older adults. Having a nurse is a bonus as the professional qualifications and scheduled hours of the nursing staff varies. The nursing staff oversees the health of older adults. The crucial “triangle of care” that will be of enormous benefit to all involved family members with a partnership between the residents and his or her doctor, and the nurse. A nurse does a lot of tasks such as following up on care and outpatient services for seniors, coordinating doctor visits and supervising medication.


It can be dangerous for the general people on the road if older adults drive though it is considered as the first sign of independence. Transportation will be available at an assisted living community for doctor’s consultation, recreation, visiting friends, and even for shopping. Seniors will not feel detached from the outside and trapped in their house, also if a person cannot drive. Family members who used to drive their seniors everywhere for their daily needs are free from their duty as the transportation system of the supportive communities provide this. The residents can give up the cost of owning a car as there is a transportation system at an assisted living community. Moreover, aging people are not afraid of losing or increasing their insurance costs, driving at night, traffic, and the price of gas. So they can get out more often.

Family Roles Restored

The real benefit of the supportive living system is the restoration of family roles which is very powerful. If a family member wants to work as a caregiver to serve his or her seniors in the assisted living house, then he or she is allowed to do this work. For example, a spouse can get back her husband into her life by acting as a nurse or caregiver. Besides, a daughter will be able to restart role as daughter and character of a mother again who has probably put her own family’s needs on the back burner to care for her failing parents. To provide care for their ageing parents separated families get united, which are divided for shifting of plans and stressful scheduling.  The assisted living communities to allow us to support our seniors though they have skilled staff and professional caregiver to do the work properly. Also, it is a valuable virtue of supportive communities, and it improves our ageing people’s lives.


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