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Posted by on October 22, 2019

Initially, hotels were more or less the first option that came to many people’s minds anytime accommodation in a foreign country either for a vacation or business was being considered. This is however not the case in recent times with the availability of various serviced apartments that can be rented out on short term contracts. Various agencies such as APT212 offer furnished housing to clients online by linking them to their verified renters ensuring a smooth and transparent renting process free of scams. There are various benefits of choosing to rent furnished apartments as opposed to hotels and some of these benefits include;

More spacious-  this can be termed as one of the biggest advantages especially if your visiting for a relatively long time. They usually contain separate dining, living and bedroom areas, unlike hotel rooms which have limited spaces. It is as well likely that you will get adequate space to store your luggage which may be impossible in hotels if its big due to the long-time you’re going to be there.

Enhanced privacy- once the contract is done and you have made the necessary payments, you will have the house to yourself for relaxing, working, etc. depending on what you want to do. There won’t be frequent housekeeping visits which can be annoying because of their high frequency in hotels. You can, however, scheduled to have the apartment cleaned at your convenience without disturbing your peace or interrupting your meetings in case you scheduled them in the apartment.

Cheaper- depending on the time which you have to stay, short term rentals can be up to 60% less if you are visiting for a month or more. These apartments are as well not subjected to the luxury tax obligation and present the option of cooking your meals which can be cheaper especially if you traveled with other people. Furthermore, a group of people can rent one apartment which will significantly cut the amount of cash you would have rather spent on a hotel.

Homely feeling- unlike hotels, after a long day of meetings or other exhausting activities, retiring to a serviced apartment can be relaxing with that’s homely feel. These apartments are furnished with better furniture and various entertainment equipment of your choice which can be just what you need after a long day. APT212 displays various images of the houses on offer for you to choose the most favorable, you can as well schedule to have an agent physically show available apartments from which you can choose one that will give you that home away from home feeling making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Best suited for family accommodation during vacations- some units have several bedrooms branching off from a common living room. This can just like home to ensure that everyone has the privacy of their rooms but can send time together and share meals in the same dining area. It is hard to find such convenience in hotels and therefore leaving a serviced apartment as the best option for group travel.

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