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Posted by on November 28, 2019

Beautiful views, black basalt rocks, wild nature and lots of water in streams and waterfalls the Golan Heights is not just a hike, but a real vacation. Here are our recommendations for the top of the country, to help you make your northern vacation even less wonderful.

Hike in the area: Water, Basalt and Mountain Views

The ( צימרים בצפון ) has something for everyone and every season, and the waterways are almost synonymous with Golan Heights trips on the hot summer days. There are quite a few tracks we like, but if you must choose, we would highly recommend starting with these:

Lower Angle Creek and Hexagon Pool

The Angle Creek, named after its angles, is one of the most beautiful trails in the area and has two hiking options! But if you have never visited it, you may want to start at the bottom, which will also take you to the hexagonal pool. What are you waiting for there? Walking in the water between pools, springs and waterfalls and one unparalleled pool: the hexagonal pool. Its name was given to the pool by a geological phenomenon that creates a kind of hexagonal shapes about 40 inches in diameter. On a hot summer’s day, swimming in the pool is the best thing for you.

During the hike you can enjoy the flowering of the haunted streams, cyclamen, anemone, tiny yolk, and encounter animals kept with wild boars, deer, and eagles.

The Jewish River

In recent years, the face of the Jewish course has changed, but the level of fun here has not changed at all, and you will find two options for the trip, both wet and wonderful. The circular (long) route takes about three hours to walk along the cliff to the descent into the river channel. The walk in the stream will be wet and pleasant, and you will also pass through several small ponds until you reach a Jewish waterfall and one large pool! If you want to get directly to the main pool, take the short route (45 minutes) and enjoy yourself.

By the way, the pool in question is considered one of the most beautiful pools in Israel, mainly because of the lovely waterfall that was poured into it and earned it the name of the obligatory: “Paradise Pool”.

El Al Stream

El Al River is a strong river with two famous waterfalls, which tells the story of the whole level: the basalt and black ( EXPLORE צימר בצפון ), as the color of the first waterfall, while the second waterfall draws its white color from the water that managed to penetrate and expose the white chalk in some places. And what else did we not say? Pools! Of course, this route will also allow you to swim, and just below the falls.

Beautiful Spots in the Area: Springs, art and Mystery

In the Golan Heights there are a number of “officer pools”, a remembrance of the Syrian rulers. Syrian officers, in the 1950s, resorted to the Cemetery Ein, close to Highway 888 in the western Golan, utilizing the natural water flowing into the pool from the Jilbon river. The pool, which is 4 feet 12 meters in size and is 4×12 meters high, is filled with cold water all year round and is surrounded by shade, eucalyptus and fig trees.


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