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Posted by on April 25, 2020

Once per year? Twice per year? Three, four, or more times per year? Exactly how often should Portland homeowners clean the gutters? Like most home maintenance tasks, gutter cleaning should be performed ‘as needed.’ This means different things to different families.

Precipitation in Portland

This is especially true in an area such as Portland. On average, Portland receives 42” of rainfall each year in comparison to the U.S. national average of 38”.  Portland sees about 3” of snowfall each year as well. Any season or month of the year can become cold, rainy and dreary in Portland.

We tend to forget about our gutters or put cleaning them on the backburner to home maintenance tasks we feel are more important. But, the truth is, ignoring the gutters leads to costly damage and the need for repairs. This leads us back to the question “How often should I clean the gutters” and more importantly, how do you know when it’s time to clean them?

Is it Time to Clean the Gutters?

An annual gutters inspection is the best way to determine if it’s time to clean the gutters.  Fall is the best time of year for the inspection. Call us out for an inspection if you’re concerned with safety or if you’re unsure what to look for during the inspection.

Signs that it’s time to clean the gutters include:

  • Pools of water near the home’s foundation or near the lawn
  • Dripping gutters, which signals they’re not draining
  • Water inside the home or other areas that it shouldn’t be
  • Inspect/pest nesting
  • Clogged gutters/visible debris, leaves, sticks, etc.

Installing rain gutters downspouts and/or gutters guards add valuable protection to the home’s gutters system.

Recommended Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Most experts recommend a twice-annual gutter cleaning service for Portland homeowners. Exceptions include homeowners with evergreen trees, as pine needles may become trapped in the gutters throughout the year. Homeowners with evergreen trees should consider a four-time per year cleaning service.

Making sure your gutters are clean and debris-free all year long reduces potential damage to your home, reduces expensive repairs and gutters replacement, and ensures a beautiful exterior home. If you need a helping hand, allow our team of gutter cleaning Vancouver WA professionals come to your rescue! Contact us here


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