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Posted by on June 24, 2020

For many modern-day individuals, getting inked is cathartic. Tattoos can help you love yourself. Be it because you are changing an undesirable memory into something positive, bringing the unique part of your being to the forefront, or simply enhancing the appearance, they have proven quite beneficial.  Even if you get something silly like a stick figure dog, the meaning it holds for everyone else is worth beyond expectations.

The following write-up explores seven reasons why tattoos are considered a perfect formula for self-love. Please check them out right now.

  1. Reclaim Your Skin

The top tattoo artists in the Gold Coast said if you ever had a negative association with your skin due to self-harm, covering it with actual art helps you to reclaim it once again. You can also finally say goodbye to the age spots, acne marks, and other blemishes.

  1. Provide Significant Reminders

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, etch a quote or symbol that soothes your mind and encourages you to move on under all circumstances. You will most probably not forget the self-love message if it is inked on you, right?

  1. Immortalise Good Memories

People click pictures because they wish to capture the memories. The same rule applies to tattoos. Suppose you told your beloved you love her on the first of January. Try to immortalise the memory by etching the date on your skin.

  1. Express Suppressed Emotions

Tattooing act as a means for expressing suppressed emotions. A woman whose father died during her childhood can vent her grief out by etching a tattoo. It can be a phoenix that inspires her to move forward in life, or the name of her father so that she knows he is with her always.


  1. Rebel against the Orthodox Notions of Society

Tattoos are believed to be a sign of rebellion. They let you shatter the concepts that the judgemental society has fed everyone for a prolonged period.

If you have been humiliated for your mental health, get a semicolon tattoo that is utilised as a message of solidarity and affirmation against suicide, addiction, depression, etc.

  1. Way of Processing Feelings

Through tattooing, you will be able to process your feelings successfully. For example, a woman got a rose tattoo after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend. She processed the memory and commemorated it to last an eternity.

  1. Assign Positivity of Certain Body Parts

Do you hate your thighs because they have noticeable fat deposits? Have you completely stopped wearing shorts and little black dresses? If yes, try to decorate it with visually pleasing designs. Hopefully, due to the artwork, you will end up loving the body part too.

If you wish to get tattooed, make sure to schedule an appointment with a proficient, experienced, and reliable artist who adheres to the internationally recognised hygiene standards. Many people nowadays opt for body piercing in the Gold Coast or any other location because it helps them feel appreciated and confident. The common areas to adorn with a piece of jewellery include ears, nose, lips, eyebrow, tongue, bellybutton, etc.


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