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Posted by on January 8, 2021

No matter what you do, there are always two ways to do it! The right way! And the wrong way!

Take cigar-smoking, for example – many commit the mistake of smoking it too quickly. Whereas the right way to do it by taking your sweet time, especially as they take a long time to burn up. Furthermore, suppose your cigar is a particularly expensive one. In that case, you most certainly should smoke it slowly to enjoy its every draw, instead of puffing too quickly and wasting the experience altogether!

To need to bear in mind that cigars are not like cigarettes, which you can occasionally do and withstand its nicotine effect on your body. Smoking cigars too quickly can lead to a whole different set of uncomfortable experiences.

In this post, we will try and explain those unpleasant experiences lucidly. So follow closely!

  • The Taste Gets Bitter If Smoked Too Quickly

Remember, the quicker you smoke your cigar, the hotter it will become. And when that happens, it can potentially ruin the smoke produced as well as your overall smoking experience. Also, when a cigar burns too quickly, its flavour starts to get bitter. This is simply because the filler tobacco is unnecessarily burnt prematurely.

The end result is one disastrous smoking experience and not to mention the wastage of an otherwise expensive cigar.

  • You Absorb Excessive Nicotine through Your Mouth Lining

Cigars are filled with nicotine, which equals to 20 packs of cigarettes. When you smoke cigars too quickly, some nicotine enters via your mouth lining. This could lead to an excessive nicotine kick, eventually leading to sickness and rather unpleasant taste development.

This excessive nicotine intake can also mask the other cigar flavours and (again) end up ruining your entire cigar smoking enjoyment!

  • You May Experience Uneven Burns Taking Place

By frantically drawing from your cigar without even rotating it properly, you run the risk of your cigar burning unevenly. This can also ruin your smoking experience and lead to distasteful bud in your mouth. Of course, the right way is to turn the cigar when puffing to allow the heat to distribute evenly properly. This will allow a proper burn throughout the entire cigar.

  • Lastly, Smoking Cigars Too Quickly Means You’re Missing Out

Cigars are objects best enjoyed in leisure and relaxation! But when you smoke it too quickly, you miss out on the key aspect off its indulgence.

When you indulge with your favourite cigar, your aim should be to sit back, relax, and enjoy every puff, including even those subtle aromas and flavors that your cigar often presents. Also, consider hand-rolling your smoke when you smoke it!

All in all, cigars are best indulged when you are relaxed and have all the time in the world.

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