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Posted by on February 22, 2021

The year 2021 has just started and it comes with a lot of hangover effect from 2020. In the past one year all of us spent more time than ever indoors because of the global pandemic situation. This has made the online gaming industry flourish. People started spending five to six times longer than they used to spend playing online games. It would be interesting to explore the top online gaming categories of 2020 and 2021. Some of the gaming sites got as popular as the best porn sites.

One of the gaming categories that tops the list is the combat games. All age groups were hooked on to the combat games. This has paved way for many new combat games in the industry and each game tried to outdo the other in terms of the excitement level and the complexity.

The next in the list is the sex games. Hundreds of adult gaming apps and sex gaming apps emerged as a result. People spent several hours enjoying the sex games. People who visit online porn list directories spent equal amount of time enjoying these adult games.

The third category that tops the list of online games is online gambling games. Many started playing online gambling games not only to while away their time but also to earn money. Online games offered excellent money making opportunities to the gaming enthusiasts. This came as a good substitute when people were suffering the impacts of job cuts.

The fourth most popular gaming category of 2020 – 2021 is the arcade games. Arcade games used to be the all-time favorite of all the kids. Now with the unique situation the entire world has been experiencing, even the adults have started exploring the arcade games and many fancy new arcade games have been launched and they could keep you occupied for several hours a day.

The fifth popular gaming category is adventure games. Adventures take people to the world of fantasy and there is a huge following for such games. If you have not tried such adventure games, then it is high time the explored some of the top adventure games and you are sure to be addicted to these games.

Brain puzzles is the next gaming category that gets our attention. Even though is not everyone’s cup of tea, this gaming category also has gained significant popularity among various age groups.

We cannot forget here the VR or the virtual reality based games. You will of course need special VR kits to play these games, they are going to be the next thing in the online gaming industry.

Other miscellaneous gaming categories that were generally popular include Sudoku, chess, billiards and other card games. You will never again have to worry about being bored not knowing what to do with your free time because these online games and gaming apps are likely to be your excellent companions when you want to be entertained and do not feel like stepping out of the house.


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