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Posted by on March 16, 2021

As a single mom, it might be very challenging to make ends meet and still accommodate your busy life demands. Being a single parent may also be financially difficult, even when you have a full-time job. Nowadays, you require a small fortune to afford a home, and living costs are not cheap. Raising kids is also expensive, and it’s no surprise that earning extra cash is welcome for a large proportion of all single moms.

Fortunately, professionals have culled suggestions on how single moms can make cash from home. Although the majority of the suggestions need internet and computer access, many of these have little to no startup costs and additional schooling. Some of these ideas include:

  1. Selling Loose Diamonds

While many individuals associate diamond as a piece to pass down in family traditions, there are some situations where you might need to sell it to make extra cash.

Today, purchasing diamond pieces is simple. You might simply walk into any store and make a purchase right away. The opposite holds true when you try to sell loose diamonds. If you decide to buy and sell diamond pieces, you will have to consider a few strategies, like consigning jewelry with local jewelers. Although consigning jewelry pieces can cost you more service fees, this method will save you from security risks and headaches.

  1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great way to boost your income and earn more money without interrupting your family’s schedule. For instance, if you work full time, you can market your dog-sitting services on weekends and evenings only.

Based on Pet Sitters International, sitters make approximately $20 on average for just half an hour visit. Taking care of four pets every month might earn you more dollars, depending on how often and long you pet-sit.

  1. Baking

Similar to home catering, baking is a simple side hustle for single mothers. If you have skills to hand-craft cakes, allow those abilities to earn you more cash and pay those bills. People always request cute cupcakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes to glam their occasions.

You might quickly perfect your skills using different tutorials that are online and then market your services. Social medial platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, might be great sites to promote your baking services and skills.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Online support is one of the fast-growing businesses. In fact, it’s projected that nearly 2 billion individuals will use VA (virtual assistants) by the end of 2021. If you decide to go this route, you may carry out administrative tasks for a company or at the comfort of your house.

These tasks might include transcribing, taking phone calls, and sending emails, among other office activities. Major requirements to be a VA are great telephone manners, confidence, and a computer.

Final Thoughts!

A solid monetary plan and taking action towards it are important for the sake of your wellbeing and that of your family.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. While cash might not buy happiness, mismanaged financial decisions or lack of money may result in limited options, stress, and anxiety, among other realities, which will impact your capability to be the best mom you can be.


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