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Posted by on October 18, 2021

Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries. It was first played by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used boxing to settle disputes between their citizens. Boxing became popular in England during the 19th century when it began being used as an exhibition sport at fairs and circuses. Today, there are many boxing matches, including cruiserweight, heavyweight, middleweight, and light-heavyweight.

Boxing is rapidly growing, and with the help of media houses such as Probellum, there are innovations in the sector.  Join the revolution at and see how boxing is being empowered from the grassroots.

Today’s most common type of boxing match is known as “the eight-round fight” or just “eight rounds.” This means that each boxer will have two minutes per round to attack his opponent with punches. If one fighter lands more than five punches within this period, he wins the round. After eight rounds have passed, both fighters must shake hands before judges score them based on how well they fought. A win can be scored if either fighter landed three times or knocked down his opponent twice. However, if neither fighter hits the other once, then no points are awarded.

The second most common form of boxing is called “three-minute rounds.” Each boxer gets 3 minutes to land as much damage as possible against his opponent. Points are given out depending on which side of the ring your opponent falls into. For example, if you knock him over from left to right, you get 1 point, while knocking him over from right to left gives you 2 points. Once again, after all, 3 minutes have passed, both boxers must shake hands before scoring begins.

Future of Boxing

With so many forms of boxing available, what does the future hold? Will we see new rules introduced to make things easier for the athletes involved? Or maybe even some kind of hybrid style of boxing that combines aspects of several existing styles? We may never know, but here are some ideas about what could happen next:

More weight classes added – Currently, only four weight divisions exist. With the introduction of heavier weights like Cruiserweights and Heavyweights, why not add another division above these? Perhaps something along the lines of Light Heavyweights. These would allow smaller men to compete without having to worry about getting hit too hard.

No Hitting Below the belt – As mentioned earlier, hitting below the belt isn’t allowed in boxing. But what happens when someone decides to break this rule? What if a man decided to throw a kick instead of punching his opponent? Would this still count as a foul? And what if a woman tried to do the same thing? Could she face punishment under current laws?

Mixed Martial Arts – MMA is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Many people believe that mixed martial arts should become its own separate sport rather than simply combining elements of various sports. It’s already been proven that it works very well as an individual sport. Why shouldn’t it work equally well as part of a team game?

New Rules – Some changes need to be made to keep up with modern-day technology. Things like gloves being able to detect blows coming at different angles, headgear allowing for better protection, and perhaps even the use of holographic projections to help referees call fouls faster.

Hybrid Style – Combining aspects of multiple existing styles might prove to be the best way forward. Maybe there could be a combination between Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Or perhaps a hybrid between Boxing and Wrestling. Whatever the case, I’m sure fans around the globe want to see their favorite sport evolve!

How Media Is Helping Boxing

Boxing has always had a strong presence within media. From movies to television shows, documentaries to music videos, boxing can often feature heavily across almost every medium imaginable. Here are just a few examples of how media helps promote boxing:

Movies & Television Shows

Movies and TV shows featuring boxing tend to focus more on the action aspect of the sport rather than the actual skill required to win matches. This means they’re great entertainment options for those who enjoy watching boxers fight each other. They don’t necessarily teach you anything useful, though.

On the flip side, movies and TV shows which feature real-life fighters have the potential to show viewers exactly what goes into training and preparing for a match. Not all films or shows will get everything right, but by showing us behind-the-scenes footage, we gain a much greater understanding of what makes professional boxers tick.

Bottom Line

The future of boxing looks bright. Many exciting things are happening both inside and outside of the ring. Whether you love seeing your favorite boxer take home gold or prefer watching them battle against one another, there’s plenty to watch out for over the next couple of years. So stay tuned.

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