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Posted by on January 31, 2022

Are you going to release your own sports-based application? Great! Creating an application can be a lot of fun, although it might be more of a challenge than you might’ve expected before you started creating your application. There are multiple essential parts of your application, for example the right API. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to one specific sports API: the Sportmonks API.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Performance Interface. The name says it all: an API helps you with the basic interface of your application. We use the word basic, but an API can be the exact opposite from that. API’s give you all the details you need to create an application. For example: a sports API will help you with your database – an essential part for every sports application.


In our opinion, the perfect sports API is the API by Sportmonks. This API offers you a great database that’s filled with multiple sports and both current and historical data. This is perfect for every sports application. Do you want to create your own betting application? Sportmonks help you with finding the right odds. Do you want your application to offer live scores to users? That’s possible too with Sportmonks’ live functions.

Sportmonks has a big database in multiple sports, such as football, cricket and Formula 1. If your application is based on one of these sports, you simple can’t miss out on the Sportmonks API. As Sportmonks doesn’t just offer live statistics, but historical data as well. This means you don’t just have to focus on live events, but you can also go into further detail about earlier match statistics. For example: Liverpool are playing Chelsea this weekend. The users of your application of course want to know details such as the line-up, and other live statistics, but on forehand it can be very interesting for your users to know the previous statistics between these two too. Who has won more between these two, and who won more in the past three years?

Get the API now!

Sportmonks offers different API’s for different sports. Take a look at their website to find out which one is the best one for you to use. Once you’ve taken the step, you can bring your focus back on application details such as your corporate identity and your overall tone-of-voice. Creating an application has to be fun: Sportmonks understands this and wants to make your experience as good as possible. Do you have a question about the possibilities for you? One of Sportmonks specialist will take their time to answer all your questions for you. This way you’re guaranteed to be sure of making the right choice!

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