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Posted by on June 8, 2022

Who would want to think of themselves as a victim, particularly to the health professional whom they have trusted throughout their lives? Sad but true, this can happen to any of us. There are reports that reveal that medical malpractice has alarmingly increased in the US. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association released a report that said medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US.

There are millions of dollars paid out to the medical malpractice victims every year in this nation. However simple or straightforward a case might be, medical malpractice always stems from negligence. Albany Medical Malpractice lawyers will inform you about the red flags that you have to be aware of. Keep reading.

  • Your treatment is not working and you’re not getting cured

Are you taking all your prescribed medicines? Did you undergo all sorts of surgeries prescribed by your doctor? Are you following your doctor’s advice to the T? If after following everything you don’t find any improvement in your condition, this can be a sign that you’ve been misdiagnosed. It may also mean that your doctor has prescribed the wrong plan of treatment for you.

  • The doctor isn’t following up on your health concerns

Someone who has been lately diagnosed with a serious disease will have several doubts in his mind. He will want to throw those questions to the doctor. But if you find the doctor not responding to your concerns and not sharing adequate information, this is yet another sign of medical malpractice. It is the duty of your doctor to be serious about your health concerns and discuss everything in detail.

  • Surgical mistakes

It goes without mentioning that surgeries are always full of risks but there are certain risks that can be avoided by the doctors. Some common errors during surgery for which patients file lawsuits include infections due to not sterilizing surgical tools properly or receiving the wrong surgery.

  • There’s someone on the medical team who accepted the fault

Faults are usually tough to accept as the team members can keep shifting blames. But if any one member of your medical team, whether the nurse or the doctor admits the fault that lead to death or a serious injury, this will be considered medical malpractice. The doctors usually have too much to lose and hence they will rarely admit their mistakes. Make sure you have a reliable attorney by your side to pull you through the case.

  • Mistakes during administering anesthesia

In case the anesthetist makes a mistake while administering the anesthesia to the patient, this can lead to:

  • IV flow rate that can’t be controlled
  • Issues with improper dosing
  • Documentation errors
  • Accidental administration of anesthesia

So, medical malpractice is something terrible that none should deal with. But due to the negligence of healthcare professionals, patients are often treated wrongly by the doctors. Since there are ways to seek assistance, you should hire a medical malpractice attorney.


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