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Posted by on November 29, 2022

The Dolby corporation as a whole has made many instrumental moves for commercial cinema and home viewing capabilities. Looking at home entertainment alone, their most prominent introduction is that of Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision improves the viewing experience of customers by continually optimizing the way their TVs offer HDR images. It also allows content creators more flexibility over how HDR material displays on televisions. It’s also making its way to smartphones and tablets, with most iPhones already supporting it. Let’s take a look at what Dolby Vision is and the advantages that accompany it.

What It Is

Dolby Vision is a high-definition video format that adds a layer of dynamic information to the underlying HDR stream.

Dolby Vision gives instructions on how the screen should show HDR material by employing frame-by-frame information to govern its HDR performance. Detail in the darkest sections of a picture, colour and black levels are frequently improved; the goal is to display material as near to what the creative team intended.

The Perks Of Dolby Vision

Pristine Detail

Observe subtleties in every scene, from a character’s expression changing in a dark night shot to avoiding blown-out features in a bright sunlight scene.

Content Creating

With an HDR signal layer paired with an SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) signal layer, Dolby Vision is a useful tool for content makers and broadcasters because of its unified HDR/SDR processing strategy.

Inclusive Quality

Dolby Vision provides consistently excellent colour and contrast on any Dolby-enabled device, for anything from blockbuster movies to the most recent gaming releases.

Top-Tier Technology

Dolby Vision is used by leading studios and device makers to create and distribute content with an unrivalled viewing experience.

Supported by a number of leading streaming and viewing platforms, Dolby Vision opens doors for creative freedom and progressive viewing. We hope this breakdown of what Dolby Vision is and its advantages has been an insightful and enjoyable read.

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