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Posted by on January 31, 2019

A chance for a fantastic all-around experience that involves cuisine, culture and Dubai sightseeing under one roof offers a Dubai Dinner Cruise. While you float on placid waters you can listen to the strains of lilting Arabian melodies, view life in Dubai city as it bustles on the shore and enjoys a delicious meal. Visitors love clubbing other packages with their fascinating dhow dinner cruise trips, apart from gaining a unique combination of experiences on a dhow cruise. They often combine packages like the dhow cruise package, the Dubai desert safari and Dubai sightseeing tour, which can be the most riveting and thrilling holiday for an enthusiastic traveler.

Some passengers are interested only in the entertainment aboard a show, but others are also reminded of Dubai’s history as a pearl and fishing diving community. You will be able to acknowledge how Dubai grew as a city and swiftly elevated to its current level while on a show. Dubai Dinner Cruises recreate the magic of the past with the luxury and comfort of today.

A Dubai Dinner Cruise will leave you with photographs, memories, and moments to cherish. You can expect from this aquatic tour of Dubai the stunning modern skyscrapers, the moon illuminated skyline, the traditional Arabian wooden dhow, Arabian treats to eat, soothing English and Arab music, also live entertainment and scrumptious international menu add to the flavors of the evening.

You can also order a romantic moonlight serenade on Dubai Creek and treat yourself and your better half with a five-star dinner with one of the best possible views within Dubai, sailing in the beautiful soothing flip-flap of waves in the background and the gentle touch of sea breeze on you. Most shows offer modern ambiances like fully Air-conditioned lower deck and open air upper deck mixed with the traditional charm of an Arabian Dhow.

You will sail out from the historic Dubai Creek on the aquamarine waters of the Arabian sea, and this is when your leisurely cruise aboard a traditional Arabian Dhow. During the cruise you will see the old Abrams, Dhows and luxury yachts; also, spectacular examples of modern Dubai architecture including illuminated souks and palace whilst Sheikh Saeed’s House, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the National Bank of Dubai buildings the heritage village near Shindagha, the original site from where Dubai grew are monuments reminiscent of a bygone era and the birthplace of the father of modern Dubai, Sheikh Rashid.

The cheerful, relaxed atmosphere, genuine Dubai hospitality coupled with attentive service on board our Dhow makes the Dinner Cruise a must when you visit Dubai. Dinner is served with complimentary mineral water and soft drinks, and the delightful international cuisine buffet and the Dubai’s majestic waters make the spectacular Dinner Cruise unforgettable romantic experience

If you want to make normal tourist photography it’is acceptable, but be aware that it’s considered offensive to photograph Arab women. Also, ask permission before photographing men. Photographs of government buildings or military installations are not allowed! Most cruises are around 2-3 hours of duration and are starting around 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. They have qualified crew and Captains and are equipped with fire extinguishers, navigation compass, First Aid Kits, life jackets and all the other requirements needed for a safe cruise. The dress code is smart casual.

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