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Posted by on May 18, 2022

Are you suffering from sexual blocks? These can greatly affect your quality of life. Today we show you 7 things you can do to overcome them.

Having sex is a great mediator that determines the satisfaction of the couple. In turn, it is one of the actions that contribute to personal satisfaction. Various reasons can cause the experience to be repressed or inhibited, which will undoubtedly result in low interest in it. Today we show you some tips to overcome sexual blocks.

We understand by sexual blocks those experiences that prevent starting, maintaining or finishing the sexual act. Contrary to popular belief, the reasons are more psychological than organic. They are also very common experiences, so you should not be ashamed in any way. With the steps explained by the best sexologist in Delhi to overcome sexual blocks you can recover your sexual life.

Tips to overcome sexual blocks

Sexual blocks can be both masculine and feminine, and they are a great obstacle when it comes to achieving satisfaction in a relationship. They are frustrating experiences that lead us to avoid all encounters, since we think that no matter what we do, they will end badly.

This can manifest itself in many ways. For example, through the inability to reach orgasm, the psychological discomfort of doing the act itself, sexual impotence (in the case of men), and other ways. According to the sexologist in Delhi, sexual satisfaction is related to life satisfaction in general.

Therefore, do not think that the problems under the sheets do not have repercussions in different aspects of your life. If you are going through episodes of this type, let’s see what you can do to break sexual blocks.

1. Put prejudices aside

The first thing you should do is put aside sexual prejudices. In fact, having sex is a direct contradiction of all prejudices. You will never be able to enjoy any encounter if you maintain prejudices of some kind regarding them.

These are regulated by society. For example, you may have them because of your religious upbringing, your early childhood education, growing up in a conservative country, or the influence of movies and advertising. You can think that sex is something amoral, or on the contrary have high expectations about what it is (excessive romanticism, for example).

If you really want to overcome sexual blocks, you will have to leave behind all these beliefs. Sex is not a bad thing, nor is it linked to very romantic components as it is sold in the cinema. Sexologists in Delhi agree that sex is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Turning your back on him will only cause frustration and dissatisfaction.

2. Recognize what is the cause of the problem

Once you have freed yourself from the bonds of prejudice, the next step is to recognize what is causing the problem. It is very likely that it was the previous one, but you should still do an internal reflection exercise to discover what is behind it and how you can solve it.

Help from a sexologist doctor in Delhi can often be of great benefit, but it’s something you can also try on your own. Start to tie up the loose ends and try to understand why you are having such blockages. The answer will always be in you, and you will never be able to complete the process if you do not dare to ask yourself or leave the question unfinished.

3. Practice communication with your partner

We are not talking about communication in the relationship in general (which is also, of course), but during the meetings. Many couples choose to minimize communication during sex, there are even those who do not mediate a word in between.

Top sexologist in Delhi points out that both verbal and non-verbal communication have repercussions when it comes to rating sex as satisfying. When we eliminate this variable, you can get frustrated thinking that your partner is not enjoying it, that you are not good enough, that they want the act to end and other frustrations that lead to sexual blocks.

Therefore, you must maintain permanent communication with your partner. Do it before, during and after each meeting, so that you can plan what satisfies the other and mediate to achieve greater mutual pleasure. Communication will also allow the experience to be transferred to the earthly environment, so that it is not thought of as a sacred activity in which you must remain silent.

4. Move away from very high expectations

Another way to overcome sexual blocks is by setting very high expectations. Movies, television, advertising, and of course adult movies continually set expectations about what sex is.

They do it in several ways. The physical attributes, the duration of the encounters, the amount of pleasure that is obtained through it, the degree of romanticism that precedes and precedes, the passion and many variables. You can come to assimilate this so much that you idealize what a sexual encounter is, so that none of them meets your expectations.

Sex doctor in Delhi suggests that if you do the opposite, you will avoid the frustration and disappointment that accompanies the above. Each sexual encounter is different: some will be shorter, others longer; In some there will be a lot of pleasure, in others this will be very fair. No matter what the case, by having more earthly expectations you will be able to enjoy all of them.

5. Forget that you will be judged or rejected

Along the same lines as above, many people maintain very high expectations regarding their physique and their performance during sex that they fear being judged or permanently rejected. For example, they fear that if they do not meet certain expectations their partners will reject them, or in any case they will not enjoy the intimate encounter.

This just adds a lot more pressure, one that can translate into sexual blocks. Sex should be a pleasurable experience, not something that causes you trauma. Sex should be something that makes you enjoy, not cause fear and dread. Think about this and you will see how quickly you can overcome sexual blocks.

6. Work on your self-esteem

Sex specialist in Delhi that self-esteem is a major conditioning factor when achieving sexual satisfaction. It is not the only way it manifests itself, of course, but self-esteem in relation to physical appearance is the most common of all.

It occurs in both men and women and is regulated by the variables that have already been mentioned (cinema, advertising and others). Believing that you are not attractive enough or that you do not have enough to arouse pleasure in your sexual partner is undoubtedly an obstacle to fully enjoying the encounter.

You must then work on strengthening your self-esteem, on your self-esteem if you will, so that you can overcome sexual blockages. Remember that we have already suggested you reflect on the causes, keep this in mind in case you think you have solid self-esteem. The problem may lie in this.

7. Be open to trying new things

Finally, another thing you can do to overcome sexual blocks is to keep an open mind to try different things. Monotony in sex is a bucket of cold water for the flame of passion, so you should avoid it at all costs. In addition, it can motivate you not to want encounters or to avoid them.

Trying new sex positions, trying role-play, having sex in different places, trying sex toys, and so on can keep you from feeling aversion to sex. Finding something that gives you greater pleasure favors the fact of recovering the illusion regarding intimate encounters.

The only way you will ever get past sexual blocks is by working on them. Put all of the above into practice, and remember that most of the blocking is in your mind. Do not hesitate to consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi in case you think you cannot control it on your own.


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