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Posted by on July 26, 2022

Currently, even with all the information and access to treatments, sexual problems that affect men are many, becoming even common for men of all ages. Many sexual problems are related to psychological, health and lifestyle aspects.

According to sexologist in Delhi 51% of Indian men are dissatisfied with sex. But what are the sexual problems that most affect men?

Lack of desire

The lack of male desire is a nightmare for any man. Always when talking about sex, he is expected to be always manly and always ready for sex anywhere and on any occasion. But men as well as women also suffer from a lack of desire, and one of the factors that can cause this is testosterone, the main male hormone that has a lot of influence on sexual desire and male sexual health.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the reason that most men come to the office, followed by erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that one in four Indians suffer from premature ejaculation, characterized when the man cannot control ejaculation soon after penetration or even before.

A common symptom in youth, in encounters with new partners or after some time of abstinence, it becomes a problem when it extends into maturity, compromising a man’s sex life in most, if not all, sexual relationships he practices.

Sexual impotence

Another very common symptom among men but little addressed is sexual impotence, a problem that can be related to several factors and should be investigated carefully.

Impotence can be linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, altered hormone levels and obesity. Therefore, it is interesting that a man with erection problems consults with a sexologist doctor in Delhi he trusts to check all these influencing factors.

Testosterone Deficit Syndrome

Known as hypogonadism (decreased testicle function), a testosterone deficit affects not only your sex life but also your bones, energy level, muscle strength and even your mood. The best sexologist in Delhi should recommend an exam to check the level of testosterone and, if necessary, carry out hormone replacement treatment.

Peyronie’s disease

It consists of the narrowing or bending of the penis. It is a deformation, caused by a painful scar in the tissue, which manifests itself as a kind of solid lump, often in the upper part of the penis. It can be corrected with surgery or alternative treatments.


There are men whose erections can last up to four hours straight and in cases where they last longer, they can cause damage to the penis. Treatment seeks to drain excess local blood.


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