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Posted by on September 7, 2020

The big existential question in the world today has nothing to do with metaphysics. The question that most anguishes half the Earth’s population is: does penis size influence female pleasure? Which would be better, more “efficient” in the sexual act for the woman’s orgasm? Small, medium or large? Scientists are eager to find the definitive answer, but for now, it is all speculation.

In the sex clinic in Delhi, we experience the need for men to answer this question every day. We realized that there is a social construction about the need to have a big penis, today made mainly by the media – specifically the porn movie sites – and the ancestral idea of ​​“power”, of domination, of standing out before others.

Many of the patients who come to sexologist clinic in Delhi anxious, with their average penis size naturally (from 14 to 16 Centimeters into erection, natural average Indian), emotionally fragile for making real and imaginary comparisons of its members with those who see the video. In most cases, the justification is that they want to enlarge the penis to give pleasure to the woman. They believe that all women in the world dream of relating to men with huge penises. However, according to what researchers have found over the years, in hundreds of surveys carried out in different parts of the planet, “measuring” female pleasure through the size of the partner’s penis is not so simple.

According to sexologist in Delhi, many misconceptions have developed about the penile-vaginal relationship: men consider deep vaginal penetration extremely important to stimulate a woman to orgasm. However, the most sensitive area of ​​the vagina – whose channel is approximately 10-12 cm long – is the part closest to the outside of the female body, 3-4 cm from the vaginal entrance. The vagina has the ability to adapt to normal penis size. Sex specialist in Delhi points out that, taking into account that the average penis size is above this mark.

The detail that should be noted is: all studies already carried out have proven that the thicker circumference of the penis has given women much more pleasures than the length. The thickest member can provide greater friction against the vestibular bulbs, which are located close to and anteriorly on both sides of the urethra.

Some sexologists in Delhi have even claimed that a smaller than average penis could better stimulate the G-spot, although the actual existence of that spot is still disputed. A physiological fact that cannot be ignored is that long penises (over 20 cm) can rub or hit the cervix. The vast majority – 95% of women – find this uncomfortable and painful, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

During sexual intercourse, the vagina increases its length quickly after the initial insertion of the penis – from about 10 to 14 cm – but the initial and final depths vary from woman to woman by about 2.5 cm. When the woman becomes fully aroused, the vagina expands as the cervix retracts, meaning that, at certain angles of penetration, the longer penises will slide on or under the cervix.

The question would be whether the woman attaches as much importance to the size of the penis as the man assumes. From the experience we had with some patient women in the clinic, size does not affect anything. But some do show preference for thicker penises.

Anyway, having a large penis does not seem to mean greater female pleasure. A big penis does seem to be a matter of pleasure for the man himself. He wants to go for penis enlargement treatment in Delhi for himself, for the sake of self-esteem and personal fulfilment.


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