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Apr. 15, 2023 by

Contrary to what many thinks, several factors in the rush of modern life can directly affect male sexual health. No wonder, the number of men who have some type of sexual dysfunction is large. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),

Ten keys on delayed ejaculation

Ten keys on delayed ejaculation

Feb. 18, 2023 by

1. What is delayed ejaculation? Although it is something that is not talked about much, the truth is that it is not uncommon for men (or their partners) to consult a sexologist in Delhi for an ejaculation time that they consider excessive. They usually consult because

Does Size Matters?

Does Size Matters?

Feb. 11, 2023 by

For a long time, the size of the penis has been given relevance in relation to satisfaction in sexual relations. There are many men who are concerned about the size of their penis and often search penis enlargement treatment in Delhi,

When to go to the sexologist?

When to go to the sexologist?

Feb. 5, 2023 by

Before going to the sexologist in Delhi, many people have spent time asking questions such as: What professional can help me with this sexual problem? Is it time to go to a sexologist? What problems does a sexologist treat? Why do people go

Fear of sexual intercourse? Solutions to deal with sex phobia

Fear of sexual intercourse? Solutions to deal with sex phobia

May. 14, 2022 by

Can’t find the time to have sex? Are you looking for excuses because you are tired or tired? Do you force yourself so as not to make your partner feel bad? Do you have too many things in your head and you do

The impact of viagra on men

Feb. 23, 2022 by

Viagra is a double-edged sword for men. While it helps treat erectile dysfunction, it can also lead to feelings of insecurity and anti-masculinity. Best Sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta explains here more about its physiological and emotional impact. Viagra has

Erection Problems Are Cause For Divorce

Jan. 23, 2022 by

Erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide. It may not be the direct cause, but erection problems generate secondary effects that follow each other as a chain reaction: fear of infidelity, insecurity, lack of understanding, fights, lack of desire, serious psychological damage

Sex And Love, New Affected By The Coronavirus

Jan. 15, 2022 by

The labor and financial uncertainty, the permanent contact in the same physical space, the concern for the health of the family and the lack of recreation spaces, have increased intra-family tensions and conflicts, decreasing the sex, intimacy and good health

Every fourth man has sexual problems

Oct. 3, 2021 by

According to world statistics, erectile dysfunction affects 25% of men. Dr P K Gupta, best sexologist in India talks about this problem. What is impotence? The term impotence is no longer used today. This problem is called erectile dysfunction. The World Health Organization agreed on this term back in 1992.

When To Go To A Sexologist

Aug. 28, 2021 by

Sex is the most important and vital part of a couple. It’s a wonderful moment that fun has to be complete. If this does not happen and the person does not enjoy it, it will cause problems for the couple. Given this,