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Posted by on May 10, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship: sexual desire must remain! There are several factors that can lead to loss of libido: a characteristic psychological condition, stress, fatigue, anxiety, an unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity … So, the best sexologist in Delhi, India has separated some tips for you who want to know how you can increase your libido.

Play sports to increase libido!

Playing sports regularly (without excess) helps not only maintain fitness, but also mental health and a good relationship with your own body! In addition, it is a good way to relieve stress, which can be one of the causes of low libido.

Our body releases endorphins during physical activity, thus providing well-being, pleasure and more cheer. And all of these points, physical and mental, are important for a full sexual life.

Incidentally, you can add to all of these yoga or meditation sessions, which also help to maintain the balance between body and mind.

How to improve libido through food

Food plays an important role in our sexual desire. This is because certain nutritional deficiencies can cause a drop in libido.

In order to also combat stress, tiredness, anxiety, etc., adopt a diet based on fruits and vegetables.

Finally, a natural diet is ideal for your health!

Avoid alcohol: a drink can make you relax, but in excess, we have the opposite effect. Cigarettes should also be avoided, as tobacco reduces blood circulation.

Married or single, get out of the rut!

Don’t let the monotony settle in and keep surprising your partner. In fact, if you are in a relationship and you are feeling that your partner has been wanting you less, try different things to rekindle the desire.

Remember, moreover, that your own everyday attitudes play an important role in this. Likewise, if the opposite happens and it is she that is having the least effect on you, it may be important to have a sincere and calm conversation. Sometimes, small gestures are enough to regain the attraction.

Mainly be creative, innovate : try new positions, different places … Furthermore, it is important to remember that sexual intercourse does not need to have a programmed order, much less a fixed step-by-step!

How to get out of the routine and spice up relationships

Now, if you are really a little bored about sex and don’t know how to overcome this obstacle, we have prepared some tips to help you get out of the routine:

  1. Talk about sex with your partner: it is serious, sometimes something as simple as lack of communication can harm sexual relations and libido. Several factors contribute to the pleasure, so openly discussing what you like or dislike (and even fantasies!) Can help you both be satisfied in bed and discover new things together.
  2. Take time to devote yourself entirely to sex: if you and the other person are having a hard time finding time to have sex, it’s time to review your priorities! Taking the time to focus on just that can make you both very excited.
  3. Try to play a role, a fantasy (roleplay): if the two are open to this, acting and creating imaginary contexts can be very exciting, in addition to stimulating communication and bringing new experiences to sex.
  4. Try new sex toyssex toys can always enrich a healthy sex life. There are many, many accessories and toys on the market, but give preference to products that can stimulate both, to make the relationship even better!
  5. Explore fantasies and desires: yours and those of your partner! Happily fantasizing about different practices, stimuli, etc. it is no longer a taboo as it used to be. The important thing is to respect, talk about consent and know each other’s limits.

What to do to increase libido naturally?

There are several natural foods that can also help you feel better and have a greater sexual desire. Although there is no scientific evidence to guarantee such effects, it is believed that most of them can stimulate blood circulation and make the person feel more relaxed and confident.

However, such natural “remedies” are not a substitute for healthy habits or medical treatment. Therefore, if symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical advice from sexologist in Delhi, India.

Supplement the food with ginseng

Some studies say that ginseng can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Thus, it would bring more vigor to the body and would be great in case of stress, tiredness and weakness. You can find the ingredient in powder or capsules at health food stores. But be careful: consume the product regularly, but without exceeding the limit of 10 consecutive days of daily intake.

Add cloves to your recipes

Cloves are a powerful ingredient, which can improve blood circulation and increase testosterone levels when consumed in low doses and with some regularity. Research only suggests such properties, so it has not yet been proven that these are really the effects of cloves. Even so, including food in a healthy diet can bring good results over time.

Is libido still low? Consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi, India

These simple tips, with natural methods, that we mentioned can help you to increase or recover a normal libido, but of course: they are not “miraculous” practices.

Sometimes a low libido requires the care of a sex specialist in Delhi, India in the subject, mainly to identify what the causes are.

There are many factors that can cause a reduction in libido, for example:

  1. personal or professional problems, depression, burn out, excessive stress and other psychological problems;
  2. hormonal problems, such as low testosterone in males;
  3. certain chronic diseases that can cause loss of libido;
  4. some medications, such as antidepressants, heart remedies, certain pain relievers and hormonal treatments;
  5. finally, he also has sleep apnea syndrome.

For all these reasons, it may be necessary to consult a top sexologist in Delhi, India specializing in the field.

In addition to looking for the possible cause of this drop in libido, sexologist in Delhi will also be able to offer you the best low sex desire treatment in Delhi. Thus, if the cause identified is of a clinical nature, a medication or other types of sex treatment in Delhi can help you to stimulate your libido.

Finally, a top sexologist in Delhi can also guide you to stimulate your libido with specific methods, adapted to your case.

Conclusion: learn how to increase libido

Quality of life represents a very important factor for our libido: healthy eating, good nights of sleep, regular practice of physical activities, disposition … All of this promotes the well-being of the organism and, therefore, also favors sexual desire.

But, if it is a drop in libido caused by marital problems, know that there are several ways to awaken the desire in the partner.

If, in spite of everything, your libido problems persist, it is probably psychological and / or physiological factors that are at stake – which may require the help of the best sexologist in Delhi.


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