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Posted by on January 23, 2022

Erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide. It may not be the direct cause, but erection problems generate secondary effects that follow each other as a chain reaction: fear of infidelity, insecurity, lack of understanding, fights, lack of desire, serious psychological damage and, of course, sexual dissatisfaction.. All this disguised as “irreconcilable differences”.

Why do so many couples get divorced because of erectile dysfunction? 

Because it is something that is not talked about. If it is difficult for the individual who suffers from it to assimilate the issue, it is even more complicated to understand that this is a problem of two. The “cousin of a friend” used to say of his erection problems, “nobody knows what he has…until he has it!”

Never better said. Couples may not know that their spouse has erectile dysfunction, until they are the ones who start to suffer the consequences.

A few years ago, couples did not get divorced. Men and women were taught that marriage was for life, no matter what one or the other had to put up with. Were they happier than couples today? Very probably not, but unhappiness was part of the package and was accepted with resignation, so it was better to reconcile the “differences”. Of sexual dissatisfaction, not to mention! How could that be a cause for divorce? It was what there was and if you didn’t like it, bad afternoon.

Today, at least half of couple ties end in separation. Among the first “irreconcilable differences” – Solomonic decision that frees both of guilt and having to give explanations – are infidelity, physical or emotional violence, money problems, lack of communication and yes, lack of sex.

As a cultural fact, during the thirteenth century in Europe, erectile dysfunction (which then was not even known that such a male health problem existed), was the only acceptable reason for the annulment of marriage. If the objective was to procreate a family, it was valid to give up the bond if the man was not capable of giving offspring to a woman. In fact, it was considered a fraud. We can already imagine what it was like to present evidence…

But marriage annulment back then was not as easy as claiming “ irreconcilable differences ”. The woman had to demonstrate – through other humiliating processes – that the marriage had not been consummated, that is, that she was still a virgin.

The men of that time must have married very old or suffered from erectile dysfunction from a very young age. In any case, it must have been terrible to be put on trial for not being able to copulate and worse still, not having a cure for his erection problems.

Well into the 21st century, we know that more than 50% of the men in the world will suffer from erectile dysfunction approximately from the age of 40 (although male sexual impotence occurs more and more frequently in young people).

We also know that science is on our side and today we have multiple options for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

The mass and digital media have been open for several years to talk about male sexual dysfunctions, with very complete information about the alternative solutions. So why do couples keep breaking up because of erectile dysfunction?

The sexual differences in the couple, are they irreconcilable? 

As we have already said, erectile dysfunction is a male health problem in which the symptoms and consequences are suffered by two people. For this reason, both members of the couple must take action on the matter. Being empathetic, putting yourself in the other’s shoes, putting aside your ego and holding hands to go out together to find the solution, is the first step. And no, it is not easy at all.

According to studies conducted, one in five marriages end because of male sexual impotence.

The most common reaction in women to the apparent lack of sexual interest of the husband (or the inability to have sexual relations with her), is to doubt: is it because of me? Does he not like me anymore? Is he cheating on me? ?

The doubts are justified and he also has them: is it just with her? Is it that she doesn’t turn me on anymore? Am I bored? Could it be that I need something “new”?

Here are some interesting facts also provided by the leading sexologist clinic in Delhi:

  • Nearly 60% of men who come to the clinic for erectile dysfunction have had sexual experiences with someone other than their regular partner.
    • 38% of these individuals have taken the ’empirical test of sexual potency’: failing with their partner, they venture to have sex outside their home (with other people) to see if the ‘failure’ is due to sexual problems. with your partner or not.
    • Men with erectile dysfunction are 6% more likely to be unfaithful.

As we can see, what lies behind these figures is a first impulse to blame the other. Thousands of cases of “it’s not me, it’s you”.

Well ladies and gentlemen, realize, in erectile dysfunction there is no culprit! It is not something that the man has done to make himself impotence (at least not consciously) or that the partner has stopped looking attractive.

It is something that just happens. The causes are many and varied, whether physical or psychological. What concerns us here is how a couple experiences this sexual dysfunction and, above all, how to prevent it from being a cause of separation.

The key word is “reconcile”. Among the ancient Greeks there was something called “agonal arguments”. In these debates it was not about defeating or humiliating the other, but about reaching a truth. Discussions as a couple must be agonal, productive, without the desire to win. The debate is healthy as long as we understand that it is not about fighting, but about being understanding, opening our minds to the points of view of one and the other in order to find, together, that truth that causes change.

In communication on any topic, especially one as sensitive as erectile dysfunction, words should always be positive. Empathy, sensitivity to the feelings of the other and the ability to be compassionate are essential to encourage the man, who is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life, to seek medical help.

Most likely he is depressed, afraid, feels hurt in his self-esteem; what you need is a hug, not a reproach or an emphasis on “you can’t”, “you don’t satisfy me”, “you are not capable”, “there is something wrong with you”.

Let us never lose sight of the fact that sexuality is the responsibility of both and if the love is deep, mature and true, the egos are put aside.

The objective is, first of all, to solve the erection problems and then, to recover the sexual enjoyment of both and, of course, harmony.

Inform yourself with a sexologist in Delhi is essential. He will determine the causes of erectile dysfunction from a complete review of the patient’s health status and in the same consultation, he will recommend a treatment.

The treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction are many and varied: oral medications, topical application, psychological therapy, shock wave therapy, among others, all always complemented by professional advice of the best sexologist in Delhi.

The latter is recommended, if both parties are available to take it as a couple. With the guidance of an expert sexologist in Delhi, they will be able to find their way back to the pleasure of a full sexual life, solve the conflicts that erection problems may have generated and, best of all, save their relationship.

Nobody teaches us how to have healthy sexual relationships, we learn it along the way if we are lucky enough to find a good partner (or partner). But when you go through something as strong as erectile dysfunction, the balance in all aspects of life can be broken.

At Dr P K Gupta Clinic we are pleased to have helped more than 1 lac patients to recover the enjoyment of their sexuality and their relationships, thanks to our sexologist doctor in Delhi who is experts in disciplines related to male sexual health, always with ethics, professionalism and total privacy.

Men and women have different ways of living our sexuality, each one has their triggers, their internal clock and their emotional needs. These differences are not irreconcilable if you find the right help and understanding of the other.

Our partner is the best mirror. They are there to show us aspects of ourselves that we are often unable to see.

Erection problems do not have to end in divorce. Acting in time can save us a lot of suffering.

Sex is life and it is much more beautiful when you live in harmony, with health and with the right person.

Taking care of your erection problems is the first big step to reconcile the differences.


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