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Posted by on July 30, 2022

It’s not just a matter of quantity. In the intimacy of a couple, quality is fundamental. Therefore, it is important that both parties understand how to improve sexual performance to have a more satisfying life.

Sexual performance also depends on a series of care for the body and mind.

Sex helps to increase self-esteem, contributes to good mood, even improves cognition and the immune system.

Therefore, a satisfying sex life also means better quality of life in general.

But do you know how to improve sexual performance? Want to find out what habits contribute to a good performance in bed?

So, don’t miss this post!

How to improve sexual performance?

Sexual performance is just a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of your body and your ability to understand and try to satisfy the other person.

So forget about the idea that to satisfy your partner you have to be an expert in kama sutra.

While it’s important to dare and try some new things in bed, that’s not the big secret to sexual performance.

First of all, it is very important to have good health to improve sexual performance.

After all, it is through the proper functioning of the body that the man is able to respond to sexual stimulation, get excited and maintain an erection for an ideal period.

Also, sex requires a lot of energy. There are not a few men and women who have felt short of breath, dizzy and had to interrupt the act.

Therefore, sex requires effort and your body needs to be prepared for the increase in heart rate and respiratory rate at this time.

However, as important as physical preparation is the connection with the partner. There are two people who should feel satisfied at the end of a relationship.

So, ask what your partner likes, pay attention to signs that she is really enjoying the caress received.

Sex is exchange, and communication makes this relationship much easier.

With that in mind, in this article best sexologist in Delhi has selected some tips for those who want to improve their sexual performance. See below!

How to improve sexual performance with physical activity

Most people have felt discomfort in their arms, legs or spine, and even felt short of breath during sex.

Therefore, most people cannot fully enjoy sex due to lack of physical conditioning.

The practice of cardiorespiratory exercises and weight training help both in health and sexual performance. Thus, the person has more disposition.

Improve sex with healthy eating

A diet rich in iron and zinc enhances muscle and also increases libido.

There are many foods rich in iron and zinc. The most common are black beans and meats.

However, remember that, as we have said in other articles, circulatory problems are among the main causes of sexual dysfunction.

These meats, in addition to nutrients, contain a lot of saturated fat. Therefore, they increase the chances of developing circulatory and cardiovascular problems.

The ideal, then, is not to consume meat as often and much less in excess. Opt for the leanest cuts.

The best option is to maintain a balanced menu. Use beans and vegetables that do not contain saturated fat as a regular source of iron.

Some examples are lentils, peas, chickpeas, nuts, among other foods rich in zinc or iron.

Improve your performance with aphrodisiacs

There are some natural components that can help increase libidoand sexual appetite.

Thus, among them we have peanuts, catuaba, Peruvian maca, guarana and several other options.

They act directly on the central nervous system, relieving stress. They also act as a natural sexual stimulant.

However, be careful with aphrodisiac supplements for sale on the internet. They are not always registered with medical council and, therefore, there is no guarantee of what is inside the capsule.

So, by buying an unregistered product, you can put your health at risk. And even if it is registered, it may have contraindications due to its state of health.

The best alternative, even, is to look for your sexologist doctor in Delhi so that he can prescribe something effective and safe.

Communicate to satisfy your partner

Just as important as physical preparation for sex is the ability to listen, understand, and respond to your partner’s sexual needs.

Believe me: most women have a much more positive impression of the sexual act when their partner is affectionate and committed to her pleasure than their ability to perform a marathon in bed.

Although sex is still taboo, talk it over with your partner. Ask her what caresses she likes, where on her body she prefers to be touched.

Just the fact that you are interested in her pleasure and talk about it will make her see you with different eyes, feel freer in bed and have a much more satisfying relationship.

Invest in foreplay to improve performance

Although there are exceptions, it usually takes a woman much longer than a man to reach orgasm.

On the other hand, men, most of the time, tend to reach climax quickly if the stimulus is continuous.

So, for him, a few minutes can be enough to reach orgasm, and if the sexual relationship ends there, she won’t be satisfied.

The secret to solving this mismatch is to invest in foreplay, getting your partner really excited before effective penetration.

Caresses, kisses and oral sex play precisely this role. They stimulate erogenous zones, especially the clitoris, and prepare the woman’s body for orgasm.

Also, longer foreplay helps even men, especially those who ejaculate faster due to anxiety.

After all, caresses give him more time to relax and take the focus off his own erection, as he will be providing pleasure to his partner in other ways.

Want to further improve your sexual performance?

There is a taboo for men when it comes to seeking a top sexologist in Delhi who specializes in male sexual health.

Women spend their entire lives undergoing gynecological follow-up. Why don’t men also follow up with a specialist sexologist in Delhi?


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