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Posted by on July 27, 2022

Is it right to say that impotence starts to appear from the age of 40? Most of the time, yes. However, it is not age that causes the erection problem.

Sexual difficulties, including those related to erection, can occur at any time in life.

Impotence is also related to health and well-being problems.

Thus, spinal cord injuries, physical inactivity, low testosterone levels, among other examples, can lead to erection problems.

What is the erection problem?

The erection problem occurs when a man has difficulty initiating penetration because the penis is not fully rigid, or cannot maintain an erection during the act.

This tends to affect self-esteem, further aggravating the problem. Thus, embarrassment breeds insecurity, which is also a very common factor for erection problem.

Although few men admit the problem, erection difficulties are more common than you might think.

However, there is good news. After being diagnosed by a sexologist in Delhi, the erection problem can be treated.

What are the causes of erection problem?

There are different causes for erection problem. So, contrary to what many think, it is not just a psychological issue.

Most of the time, the causes of erectile dysfunction are organic, that is, they are in the body itself, and not in the head. See some examples:

Use of legal and illegal drugs

The fact that a drug is legal, like alcohol and cigarettes, does not change the fact that it is harmful to health.

Therefore, many men cannot get a good erection because they smoke, drink or even consume other drugs.

Anabolic steroids used by men who want to increase their body mass can also have this effect.

Therefore, a number of psychoactive substances prevent a good erection, as well as some medications.

Cardiovascular problems

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is related to cardiovascular problems.

After all, for the penis to be erect, it needs to be filled with blood. And the blood does not reach him in the proper amount if there are barriers in the veins, for example.

So, atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels) and high cholesterol are among the causes of erection problem.

Hormonal changes and erection problem

Our metabolism is quite complex and for the body to function normally, hormones need to work in harmony.

However, several situations cause hormonal changes. Some of them are hypothyroidism, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, for example.

Also, some men have a harder time producing testosterone. So, they have a reduced libido and erection difficulty.


Obesity is related to erection problems for a number of reasons. It is always a condition that affects other aspects of the organism.

After all, fat doesn’t just form an accumulation of cells. This adipose tissue works as a real hormone powerhouse.

So, by producing these hormones, fat unbalances the entire hormonal system. It even converts part of the testosterone (male hormone) into female hormones.

Mental disorders

Please do not be alarmed by the word mental disorders, as they are quite common.

In fact, these disorders range from day-to-day stress, which can impair sex life, to severe depression, and many other conditions.

Therefore, whenever a man is affected by mental disorders, he may have sexual dysfunctions.

This can be as much due to anxiety, job stress, prolonged unemployment, or deeper insecurities and past trauma.

In this case, psychological or psychiatric treatment (often a combination of the two) usually solves the problem.

The big mistake of many, however, is to assume that their erection problem has merely psychological causes.

Thus, they seek only this treatment alternative, but ignore that other organic issues are also causing the problem.

How to regain erection ability?

The first step for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi is identifying what is causing this sexual dysfunction.

As you saw in the topic above, there are several causes. So, each of them requires a specific treatment.

Sometimes it is necessary to combine different lines of treatment to obtain an effective result.

Therefore, the evaluation needs to be done very carefully. The first step is to make an appointment with a sexologist doctor in Delhi who specializes in male sexual health.

In consultation, the sex doctor in Delhi will be able to diagnose efficiently and indicate the best treatment for the erection problem.

Know some methods applied in the treatment of erection problems. The 3 main ones are:

Habit changes

Smoking, drinking and using drugs should be the first habits to cut when it comes to treating an erection problem.

All these habits cause different reactions in the body. Some of them hinder blood flow in the penis. So he doesn’t get rigid for intercourse.

In addition, other habits also interfere with the quality of erection. These include diet and exercise.

Therefore, the best sexologist in Delhi recommends a lifestyle reeducation so that the body is able to respond adequately to sexual stimulation.

Psychotherapy and psychiatry for erection problem

When the identification of the erection problem is psychological, such as insecurity or fear, the ideal is to seek a mental health specialist.

Thus, the patient has access to a treatment that helps in the process of rebuilding self-esteem.

The professional’s mission is to lead the patient to understand the cause of sexual impotence and to develop strategies to overcome it.

In more specific cases, an indication will be made to the psychiatrist, who will treat the erection problem with medication.

Oral medications

With the follow-up of a sexologist in Delhi, oral medications become a solution to erection problems, which help the erectile mechanism to work better.

Medications act directly on blood pressure. Thus, they make way for the blood that goes to the penis.

Contrary to what many think, medicines are not aphrodisiacs and require sexual stimulation to work. However, they help to maintain an erection.

The erection problemis more common than it seems, and many men are afraid to talk about it or seek specialized help.

Unfortunately, the difficulty in admitting and correcting the problem prevents them from having an active sex life for years.

If you also suffer from this problem, remember that experts are there to help you have a healthy sex life.

So, don’t waste any more time and don’t deprive yourself of sexual and emotional satisfaction. Contact Dr P K Gupta best sexologist in Delhi and regain pleasure.


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