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What happens when in a couple one has more desire than the other?

What happens when in a couple one has more desire than the other?

Jan. 15, 2023 by

Internet dating search apps tend to match up like-minded people. Or at least have some common interests. That they like to exercise, watch the same type of series, travel or are animal lovers. Even with everything, the reality is that, with the passage

Find out what could be causing your erection problem

Find out what could be causing your erection problem

Jul. 27, 2022 by

Is it right to say that impotence starts to appear from the age of 40? Most of the time, yes. However, it is not age that causes the erection problem. Sexual difficulties, including those related to erection, can occur at

How Is Sexual Equality And Orgasms In Your Relationships?

May. 7, 2022 by

In your relationships, how is this “scale” going, are you both reaching sexual climax or is it not the way you would like? This is a question that women should always ask themselves, and discuss it with their partners. My

How (and why) to do a sexual reset

Jan. 29, 2022 by

Sometimes life can become a constant schedule, especially in these times when the boundaries between private and work have become more complex. Sticking to a schedule of work goals can work, but it’s very different when it comes to sticking to

How to recover the sexual desire lost with the pandemic

Jan. 21, 2022 by

When the relationship is ‘deserotized’: how to recover the sexual desire lost with the pandemic The coronavirus has confined us, it has made us feel vulnerable and it has made it difficult for us to venture what the future will

Sex And Love, New Affected By The Coronavirus

Jan. 15, 2022 by

The labor and financial uncertainty, the permanent contact in the same physical space, the concern for the health of the family and the lack of recreation spaces, have increased intra-family tensions and conflicts, decreasing the sex, intimacy and good health

Myths related to premature ejaculation

Sep. 8, 2021 by

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men and can have a particularly detrimental effect on the satisfaction and quality of a functioning relationship between both a man and his sexual partners. The subject is still taboo in the

Peyronie’s Disease – What causes the curve of the penis

Sep. 3, 2021 by

Peyronie’s disease, or curved penis, is a syndrome that can be congenital or appears later in life. The latter occurs when there is minor damage to the penis, these lesions of the bladder tissue eventually causing the penis to curl. Many men

What are the most common sexual problems in men?

Sep. 1, 2021 by

Most people experience some form of sexual difficulty at some point in their lives. According to sexologist in Delhi, India, in men, most common problems are often caused by difficulties in achieving a sufficiently hard and lasting erection or pressure to control

How can you solve the sexual problems in your marriage?

Aug. 20, 2021 by

It’s not something you should ever meet as a married couple, but there may come a time when there may be sexual problems in the marriage. You want to work together to find out what’s going on. You want to try to