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Posted by on January 15, 2022

The labor and financial uncertainty, the permanent contact in the same physical space, the concern for the health of the family and the lack of recreation spaces, have increased intra-family tensions and conflicts, decreasing the sex, intimacy and good health of partner.

With regard to the sexualty, the best sexologist in Delhi and couples therapist Dr P K Gupta, share the following tips to nurture romance and enjoy love during these holidays:

1. Recognize If There is Any Type of Anxiety

Although this is not humanity’s first pandemic, it is the first we have faced on this scale. The fear of dying and losing a loved one, added to uncertainty, fatigue, the crowding of family members at home, and in some cases, economic pressure, are unequivocal triggers of stress.

Illness, which according to Dr P K Gupta, is one of the main causes of both partner problems and sexual difficulties in men and women. “Assessing the environment, identifying individual and collective stress situations and acknowledging your own fears in front of your partner, this gives rise to listening and thus surfing this great wave from a more human perspective, which just as it came, it will go”, recommends sexologist in Delhi.

Dr P K Gupta suggests remembering three fundamental aspects within a couple.

  • The passion and/or romantic sexual desire of great intensity, this keeps active the physical union and the emotion of feeling close to the other. Important, be cautious and avoid unwanted pregnancies at this time.
  • Intimacy: generally, in new situations like this, there are many things to learn about the other, which makes it necessary to create spaces just for the couple where they can talk and enjoy those novelties that are experienced together.
  • Communication: an essential element in any human relationship, this allows you to always be connected with the other, evidencing their needs and satisfactions and thus improve the environment for love and sexuality. Without communication, sexuality loses its impact as a defense mechanism against stress and uncertainty.

2. The Couple’s Romance

Going on a date, having a picnic in the candlelight room, dancing, having positive conversations, and removing any dense or negative topics allows you to reconnect with each other. These spaces are exclusively to get away from the stress of COVID -19 and re-establish the harmony between the two.

For the sex doctor in Delhi, interaction with your partner is essential in times of crisis, romantic encounters are necessary, the sexual bond favors balance, restores energy, minimizes toxic stress, activates endorphins and stimulates motivation to live.

3. Keep Spaces Alone

It is essential to be comfortable with oneself, to guarantee a better relationship with those around you. Listening to music, reading a book, meditating or simply taking a nap, ensure that you give yourself that space for recharging and privacy and a break from the “forced” time of coexistence in the same place.

For Dr P K Gupta, a sex specialist in Delhi, the individual leisure space continues to be one of the main factors in preserving sexual desire in long-term relationships, as well as the quality of the relationship as a couple.

Dr P K Gupta emphasizes the need to differentiate the time dedicated to recreation and work, since due to circumstances, the latter has increased markedly and therefore the level of stress and fear of losing one’s job in times of crisis, which exacerbates the intolerance of the couple and bad relationships.

4. Establish Routines

Mixing work and home means that there are no limits or separation between both responsibilities. Ensuring the time for meals, work, play, conversation, even the time to turn off phones and disconnect from technology, encourages the use of moments as a couple to share and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Creativity

It’s time to think outside the box. Surprise the other with some unexpected detail and turn the new routine or confinement into an opportunity for something new. Dr. P K Gupta, Top Sexologist in Delhi states that confinement is optional and in reality we must recover humanity and that only occurs through physical contact. “I suggest using mindfulness techniques to make the most of every moment with your partner. Contact, sensations, stopping, observing, breathing and connecting with oneself and with the other is the key to a fully sexual life”, he recommends.

6. Sexual “Naughtiness”

Don’t wait for the big moments for sexual interaction. Take the interaction to small gestures during the day. Holding hands, rubbing the body or… any physical interaction that maintains the daily attraction and not leave it only for intense moments of intimacy.

7. Accept Changes

We are unique and different “individuals”, that is why we do not react like others to unexpected situations. “Human beings do not respond identically to stress, therefore, respecting individual processes and observing them while preserving the ability to be surprised, will allow us to discover facets of ourselves and of the couple that probably had not been previously evidenced,” says sexologist in Delhi.

8. Physical Activity

Dancing alone or with a partner to the song you like the most, following an internet exercise routine, jumping in the same place for a while or simply shaking and moving your body for a few minutes, releases endorphins and improves your mood. This is directly reflected in the couple’s relationship, ensuring that the feeling of happiness generated motivates them to feel greater sexual attraction and thus keep the flame of love alive.

9. Celebrate Special Dates

Regarding the sexualty, it is important to take advantage of these dates to generate a festive atmosphere in the midst of the monotony caused by confinement. Despite the fact that many brand this day as a superfluous celebration, it is the best opportunity to remember as a couple why they decided to be together and relive moments in which love was the protagonist.

10. Couples Therapy

If the tensions remain, it is advisable to start a therapy and try to work on the guidelines that a sexologist in Delhi can determine according to each particular case.

In conclusion, this time of general tension can be seen as an opportunity to rethink love and resume sexual life with a more pleasant and romantic vision. Love and sex as new victims of this pandemic can also be our examples of overcoming and recovery.

“Taking advantage of the fact that we are in a month where we have a good excuse to celebrate love, couples, romance, we also want to draw attention to those things that can affect relationships in the framework of this difficult and challenging year. For this reason, at sexologist clinic in Delhi we offer the possibility of having therapy to consult and follow up with best sexologist in Delhi, so that couples can overcome the difficulties and tensions present in their relationships”


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