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Men, women and sexual problems throughout life

Oct. 17, 2020 by

The sexual problems can develop at any age, but most women experience greater difficulties before age 30, while most men will experience them after 50 years. This means that many couples are sexually out of sync, with their problems causing

People who sleep 8 hours have more orgasm

Sep. 15, 2020 by

There are many reasons to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping for at least eight hours can help improve memory, curb inflammation, and sharpen your attention. But there is another hidden benefit: those who sleep more each night have more orgasms! Sex

Sexual Compatibility And Incompatibility: Common Questions

Sep. 3, 2020 by

This is a recurring topic of consultation with sexologist in Delhi in couples, sometimes disguised with other diagnoses such as secondary erectile dysfunction, low selective sexual desire, or secondary anorgasmia. But deep down what happens, although it is hard to

Strategies To Delay Ejaculation

Jul. 25, 2020 by

“Ejaculating is the body’s response in which semen is expelled from the testicles. This happens when the organism receives excitatory stimuli. Most of the time it is accompanied by pleasure. Others, no,” explains Dr. P K Gupta, a sexologist in Delhi, India, distinguishing three different

Who comes in a minute has premature ejaculation? How to avoid the problem?

Jul. 18, 2020 by

Have you ever wondered if you reached orgasm too quickly? This questioning is crucial to understand whether or not the person suffers from premature ejaculation, a problem that affects one in four Indians, according to the best sexologist in Delhi.

Erectile Dysfunction – When To Consult A Sexologist

Jul. 8, 2020 by

The erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects millions of men worldwide, and has a great impact on their quality of life and that of their partners. It is still a taboo subject and, therefore, those affected consult little with

How Does A First Consultation With The Sexologist Take Place?

Jun. 3, 2020 by

Women are not alone in having a doctor for their genitals. Men can also consult a specialist in the matter: the sexologist in Delhi. Men consult it for various reasons, but most often, a consultation with sexologist doctor in Delhi results from

Men Betrayed By Their Hormones

May. 16, 2020 by

Women would not be the only ones to experience a decrease in their hormonal activity with age. Even if the decrease in testosterone is not as abrupt in humans, it would not be without consequences. Should we use substitution treatment? Who to book

Low Libido- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

May. 12, 2020 by

Libido: what is it? The libido or sexual desire is the desire to engage in sexual activity. Sexual desire can arise spontaneously or in response to a partner, images or thoughts. The intensity of the desire depends on various factors such as the quality of

All About Erectile Dysfunction

May. 7, 2020 by

Nature of erectile dysfunction Definition Erectile dysfunction is the permanent or recurrent inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient for the performance of the sexual act. Trouble or breakdown? You have to differentiate between occasional sexual breakdown and persistent erectile