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Posted by on May 7, 2020

Nature of erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is the permanent or recurrent inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient for the performance of the sexual act.

Trouble or breakdown?

  • You have to differentiate between occasional sexual breakdown and persistent erectile dysfunction.
  • All men experience sexual breakdowns when they are tired or stressed but they are transient and punctual.
  • As you get older, it takes longer to get aroused and prolonged stimulation is needed to achieve a rigid erection.
  • These changes are normal from the fifties.
  • True erectile dysfunction is a long-term condition. It should be consulted with sexologist in Delhi if it has lasted three months or more.


  1. We distinguish erectile dysfunction:
    • organic due to aging or illness
    • psychogenic due to psychological, emotional, relational, or situational problems.
  2. Very often these two types of dysfunction are linked.
  3. Erectile dysfunction must be distinguished from other male sexual disorders, such as premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, and lack of desire, although they can also coexist with erectile dysfunction.


  • Erectile dysfunction (abbreviation: ED) affects 30% of men after 50 years, according to top sexologist in Delhi.
  • The older we get, the more likely we are to have this condition. 78% of patients with both hypertension and diabetes have erectile dysfunction.
  • It is estimated that more than 160 million men worldwide are affected. As life expectancy increases, this prevalence will increase.

Manifestation of erectile dysfunction

Difficulties in erection

  • It usually occurs gradually: the man finds that he has a normal desire and that he feels excited but that his erection comes with difficulty or is not complete.
  • He may find it difficult to penetrate his partner or, if penetration is possible, the erection gradually decreases and he cannot complete the sexual act.
  • Ejaculation can occur but the penis remains soft.

The disappearance of the erection

  • Little by little, the erection no longer comes at all and the spontaneous nocturnal or morning erections disappear. This phenomenon is very often due to the physiological consequences of underlying pathology (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc …) or of surgical intervention (total prostatectomy, etc …)
  • Erectile dysfunction can also suddenly appear as a result of physical or psychological trauma.
  • Erectile dysfunction can, therefore, be described by the best sexologist in Delhi as mild, moderate, or severe.

The spiral of failure


  • The physical and psychological causes should not be completely separated.
  • Indeed, the first sexual breakdowns are the cause of doubts and avoidance, especially if the man does not find support in his partner or if she makes fun of him.
  • Losing your erection is losing your self-esteem and doubting your virility, being reduced by the disease, and adding this symptom increases anxiety and guilt, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.


  • When erectile dysfunction sets in, the man finds himself in the grip of doubt and loses self-esteem. He is overcome by the obsession with his erection: will she come? Will it last long enough? Will I satisfy my partner? says sex specialist in Delhi.
  • Shame on his condition, self-deprecation, guilt leads him to avoid frustrating sex.
  • Therefore it tends to observe itself too much, to try by all means to control this rebellious erection and, contracting, it only gets the opposite effect since this worried state prevents the relaxation of the muscles of the cavernous bodies inhibiting natural erection.
  • The partner also feels frustration and misunderstanding. Added to this is great guilt for his attitude: why does my partner no longer want me? Why am I no longer having an effect on him? Does he have another woman in his life? She does not understand why the man puts in place a strategy of avoidance of relationships. The more he does this, the more she is abandoned and unloved, which can induce reactions of anger or jealousy, even threats of separation which aggravate male anxiety, warns sexologist in South Delhi.
  • As the man feels ashamed and guilty, he dares not to say what is happening to him, the misunderstanding sets in and, if the illness or the worries of daily life do not fade, the erection is not more present when it should support intimacy and the lost emotional relation.
  • The vicious circle of failure thus installed, the couple can mourn their sex life. Their quality of life is altered and the couple finds themselves in great danger of separation.

How to get out of the spiral…

Only the decision made by the man to express his concerns to the sexologist in East Delhi and his partner will allow him to put all the chances on his side to find a harmonious sex life and preserve the longevity of his couple.

Erectile dysfunction – When and how to consult?


  • One should not wait more than three months to consult, as any delay in diagnosis is detrimental to the cardiovascular state.
  • It is never easy to talk about your sexuality, or your relationship when you are in conflict.
  • In addition, the partner may be reluctant to get involved in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, out of fear or out of modesty.
  • But any man who has had sexual difficulties for several weeks (or even a few months) must consult for a diagnosis. The setting up of care avoids harmful consequences on the health or the life of couple.

The role of the doctor

  • Sexologist in Delhi who treat erectile dysfunction know how difficult it is for men to talk about their sexual problems.
  • They are trained to listen to them and practice long consultations to examine all aspects of the problem.
  • Sometimes the doctor consulted does not feel empowered to treat erectile dysfunction. In this case, he will send to a specialist sexologist in Delhi and will remain informed of the therapeutic follow-up.

Consult alone or as a couple?

  • If you prefer to be alone to see a sexologist in Delhi during the first consultation this is quite possible.
  • But it is good that the partner is associated at one time or another with the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, because its opinion on the sexual life and the emotional life of the couple, its implication and its support are very important for a lasting positive result.


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