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Posted by on April 24, 2020


A business that experiences many late payments puts its cash at risk. Instead of trying to find your debtors and collect the amount owed on your unpaid bills, you might consider using a debt collection agency. But how do you choose between the many agencies on the market?

Are you fed up with unpaid invoices and reminders in a vacuum but we don’t want to start legal proceedings that will cost you an arm? The objective of a debt collection agency is to collect the debts of bad payers preferably with an amicable procedure, these being a huge obstacle to your business. By recovering your money down to the last penny, you will be able to update your accounts and continue your professional activity in the most profitable way possible.

Over the past two decades, debt collection companies have evolved from small secret practices to specialized and highly responsive operations, with many different departments and specialties. These organizations are transparent with their customers to obtain payment while preserving the goodwill of the creditors and debtors with whom they work. The goal is to keep a good commercial relationship between the parties.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Collection Agency

Whether it is for small claims or large amounts, the best way to find the best collection agency is to compare their offers taking advantage of a competitive situation. For this, you can submit your quote request via our interface. We will put you in contact with several providers specializing in debt collection.

After receiving your quotes from different experts, it is recommended that you compare them according to several criteria:

How Long Has The Collection Agency Been In Existence?


Understanding the length of time an agency has been active and its track record with clients, consumers and regulators should be your first step when looking at the wide range of existing agencies.

The longer an agency has been in operation, the better! In addition, if the agency applies a method of remuneration to the result, its seniority is a guarantee of its success. In the recovery industry, survival can be fleeting and experience is important. The companies that have existed for the longest time have become modern agencies, capable of respecting the law and meeting the individual challenges of each of their clients.

Is The Collection Agency Online?

Online Presence

Before contacting an agency, take a look online to see what you can find on it by doing a simple Google search by name. A clear and open presence on the web is a positive sign that the agency believes in transparency and has nothing to hide.

The social networks, blogs or other online resources for customers, can help illustrate their business debt recovery expertise and investment.

Reviews And Comments

We advise you to look for recommendations online and find positive opinions on the agency. Individuals must state their own profile for local, state, and federal regulations and laws. These are good ways to measure the overall balance sheet of the agency.

What Are The Agency’s Collection Methods?

The Specialty

Each company organizes the management of its field of activity according to specific methods. Indeed, depending on the particularities of its sector of activity, the company will opt instead for this or that form of business management.

From then on, collection agencies also specialized according to these activity sectors. It is therefore better to choose the one who knows the rules in force in your sector, as well as the financial and legal specifics.

Legal Hubs

Debt collection is a sensitive subject which can quickly lead to overflows. This is why many laws regulate this practice. The methods used by the agency must be perfectly legal. This parameter is sometimes lacking because the agencies are often with a view to “pressurizing”.

The Separate Team

Some agencies have switchboard operators whose role is to make telephone reminders by calling the debtor regularly to ask him to pay off their debt. The collection team and call center employees must be a diverse group, divided into specialized areas according to their skills. Everyone must be able to communicate in several languages.

Customer Service

It is important to have access to a dedicated customer service team, especially when you are starting to work with an agency and need help understanding its processes and how they relate to yours.


It is also important that the agency provides you with proof of its effectiveness (traceability of exchanges, etc.). You can assess the agency’s performance, for example, by the information it collects and how it processes that information.

What Is The Agency’s Method Of Remuneration?

By understanding exactly when and how your accounts will be managed, you will have a clear idea of what you can expect from the agency you have chosen. The agency must meet this level of service and provide the transparency necessary to prove it. In particular, you need to be clear about when and how the agency will make payments to you. The agency should never keep your money for more than 30 days.

Some agencies are paid according to the amount they manage to recover from your debts. Others prefer to operate by asking a fixed amount, no matter what they bring back. This fixed amount is often hidden under the name “administrative fees”.

The first option is to be preferred because if the agency is paid according to its performance, it will put more effort and energy to collect your debts.

What Are The Technologies Used By The Agency?


The best collection agencies will use the latest technologies that leverage the Cloud for real-time monitoring, advanced processing, and high levels of security through encryption and secure gateways.

They can even use their own software and databases to manage your collection accounts. This allows them to respond much faster to process changes and data flow on the fly.

It is also possible to use a numbering system capable of making tens of thousands of telephones calls every day, which contributes to strengthening the overall contact rate.



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