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Posted by on January 1, 2023

One of the most overlooked items in men’s fashion is formal shoes. The right pair of formal shoes can make an outfit look fresh and sharp, while the wrong ones can make you look like you’re stuck in the past and were never really cool to begin with. From the fancy leather to the shimmering accents, formal shoes are one of the best ways to make your outfits pop this season. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite brands and styles of men’s formal shoes, so you can pick out the perfect pair for your wardrobe this fall!

Why are formal shoes so important?

After a long day of classes, presentations, and meetings, nothing sounds better than kicking off your heels and relaxing. For many women, however, that means lugging uncomfortable shoes back to your dorm or apartment—where they’ll likely sit until you take them out again. When planning an outfit for a formal event—whether it’s to impress at work or to look extra polished at a friend’s wedding—many women assume they need to wear stilettos. But don’t overlook low heels: They may not be quite as sexy as their taller cousins, but they’re just as effective when it comes to looking professional and polished. After all, there’s more than one way to dress up an outfit! Below are three pairs you can wear with confidence on any occasion.


How can you find formal shoes?

Shopping for formal shoes is fun, but it can also be confusing. In order to make sure you’re choosing something that will work in any situation and fit your personality, think about these things: who you’ll be wearing them with, what type of occasion are they for (if any), and how often you plan on wearing them. If you’re unsure where to look for them, browse high-end department stores or luxury boutiques that carry a wide variety. Once you’ve found some options that catch your eye, try to find reviews from other consumers to learn what others had to say about each style before buying. And don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping offers when possible! You might not get every item you want at once, but getting free shipping along with a great deal makes shopping online much more enjoyable.


What is your budget for formal shoes?

Obviously your budget will vary based on what type of shoes you want and what features you need. High heels, casual shoes  for example, are often more expensive than flats. But if you have a set amount in mind, then it’s easier to narrow down your options. Do some research on a variety of shoe brands so that you know exactly how much certain styles cost and how much extra you’ll have to spend for special features (e.g., custom made shoes). Whether or not high heels are part of your formal wardrobe is up to you, but having an idea about cost will ensure that money isn’t going to be holding back from finding a pair that fits with your budget. What kind of shoes do you wear most?: If you tend to wear only one style of shoe, then narrowing down your search will be easy. For example, if all of your work outfits include a pencil skirt and blouse paired with flats, then buy flats—you don’t need anything else! On the other hand, if you regularly wear both business-casual and professional attire at work (and at other occasions), then consider buying both heels and flats. In any case, make sure that whatever style(s) you choose match up well with what you normally wear.


Do you have small feet?

Chances are, you will want to buy your formal shoes in person. This can be hard if you have small feet and are hoping to find smaller sizes. Try going to a store that specializes in smaller sizes—such as a bridal shop or dance shoe store. If possible, try on shoes before buying them (or at least bring someone who has tried them on with you). Pay attention to how narrow they are through the toe bed and whether there is enough room for your toes to wiggle—it’s uncomfortable to walk around in shoes that don’t fit well. Finally, make sure you’re comfortable standing up straight while wearing them. You shouldn’t feel like your toes are being crushed together or that they’re sliding off your heel. It may take some trial and error to find something that fits perfectly, but it’s worth it when you do!


Do you want classic black oxfords or heels with buckles?

Style is no mistake and neither is personal style. It’s important to consider what formality level you want your outfit to take on before you even begin looking for clothes. Do you want classic black oxfords or heels with buckles? Are you a modern woman who loves stilettos, or do you prefer an old-fashioned aesthetic? The choice should be yours and there are plenty of options in every price range. Consider visiting a local store that specializes in formal wear like LaSalle Shoe Co. for help finding exactly what your wardrobe needs. A personal shopper will listen to your needs, answer questions about each dress shoe on display, and find a pair that matches your personality perfectly.


What shape shoe do you want?

If you want to wear them with a tuxedo or other formal clothing, know that an oxford-style shoe is more appropriate than a lace-up. If you’re going to be wearing these with business casual outfits, men’s slip-on shoes like loafers and balmorals are more casual than lace-ups and oxfords. On that note, if you need shoes that can transition from work to after-hours, think about leather versus suede uppers. Leather is dressier (less messy), while suede wears better on pre-and post-work drinks or dinner dates. Slip-on, like slip-on sneakers, make for easy transitions as well. The same goes for booties—they look great with dresses and pants alike.

Who will you be wearing them with?

A good pair of formal shoes are always a good investment. No matter if you’re shopping for business meetings, weddings, or any black tie event—you’ll need some formal footwear. With that said, there are several different types of formal shoes to consider; from flats to heel-boots and everything in between. Think about what you’ll be wearing your new shoes with: Will they work with skirts? Jeans? Or slacks? Having a firm grasp on how you plan on incorporating them into your wardrobe will help make sure you get exactly what you want out of them. These tips can also be applied to high heels, which should always compliment an outfit rather than detract from it (unless that’s your goal).



Although shoes are very important, you have to always remember that they should be stylish as well. You may think your regular sneakers fit well and go with anything, but when you step out into a formal situation it is best to wear a pair of Reefland brown formal shoes for men. The leather material can ensure comfort throughout your day and you’ll get more compliments on them than any other choice. These particular dress shoes also come in many different styles and colors so you will definitely find something that fits your taste. If you want to know how comfortable these shoes really are, just take them for a test drive today! Your feet will thank you later!



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