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Posted by on January 7, 2023

If you are playing betting, then take special care that you are playing by looking at your money limit. Because if you cross the limit of money. So if you lose by mistake then you will go into depression and will play again and again to recover the loss. And you will lose again and again.

That is why the right way is that you always play by looking at your money limit and do not take this game as your career on a daily basis. If you are playing this game like ass a hobby, then you will not face much trouble. If you want to make this game like your full time career. So never forget such a mistake. Because it is a game, the bets can be reversed at any time.

Do not play 6-7 open to close

I have often seen many people play 6 points 7 points open to close. If you try with your mind, then you may have to bear profit or loss in playing so many points. Sometimes it can happen that you get a profit, but there is often a loss on playing in most of the points.

If you want to play, then play with 2 points. If you play open to close with us, then there is a lot of chance that you will get a profit. If you want to play more than two, then play open to close to the maximum color. If you are my opinion. Talking about it, I would advise you to play 2 points only to play safely.

Do not change the guesser

If you do not guess the number. You are taking help of a good guesser. So you choose a good guesser. And follow the same till you get the profit. I have often seen that people change the guesser when they are defeated once or twice.

¬†As soon as you change the guesser, the number of that guesser starts. That is why you keep in mind that do not change the guesser much. And if possible, follow the same guesser. No guesser is passed every day. Winning and losing keeps going on in the game. So that’s why keep in mind that you do not have to change much guesser. And follow the same guesser.

Be conscious with passion and make your own rules and play.

If you are playing this game So learn to play consciously. It is very important for you to be conscious with passion. I have often seen that people sometimes come to overconfidence and assess their capacity incorrectly and invest more money. Lose in the end.

If you are also one of them, never play like this, make your own rules. You decide how much money you have to spend in 1 day. According to that, if you play rules and play, then your chance of being successful increases significantly.

Bonus Satta Matka Tips

In the end, I would like to say the same to you. If possible, do not play this game at all. Otherwise you may have problems. This is an addicted game if seen in the true sense. As far as I have seen those who play Satta Matka, there is no peace in their lives. He is always upset. This is a game where there is a way to come, but the way to go is only when you are completely ruined. I have seen many houses being ruined because of this game.


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