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Posted by on February 20, 2021

As is known by many people, the normal way to get a job is to make an application for an advertised position or vacancy.  But have you ever asked yourself how the top positions in any organization are filled and yet you there was no advertisement? If so, then you are on the right page, reading on will help you get to understand what really happens in the background before you suddenly hear of a top position filled.

When a top position is filled, the executive recruitment tools play a great role, normally in many cases, they deploy headhunters who will get them the best candidate to fill the vacant position, it is, therefore, the work of a headhunter to find the best candidate to the position. They have to look at different profiles on different platforms that are related to the open position and get the best candidate. However, this method is often very expensive and there are only some circumstances that make it a must-used. Below are some of the reasons that will make an executive choose to deploy a headhunter;

Very Senior Positions

As we had discussed earlier, many senior positions may never have an advertisement, the main reason behind this is that the company may just need some specialized or very high profile talent to take up the role. The best way to get this type of profile is by using a headhunter. The head hunter gets to the high-profile individual after assessing their profiles and then presents their names to the executive.

The Impact of the Candidate

In some cases, there are some positions in a company that has a great impact on the entire organization, and therefore the person to fill it must have a complete visible record of what the job requires. To avoid getting the wrong person, the only way to get the best one is through headhunters, with an in-depth knowledge of searching through the market, they are well known to give the best candidates for a specific position.

Talent Shortage

The talent shortage is a common thing in some countries like Germany and therefore, to get a candidate that will fill your position, the company executive has to employ headhunters to perform the task. Though the process is costly, that is the only way they can get the best person to fill their open position.


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