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Posted by on March 19, 2022



Many people like the warmth, comfort, and homey feel that a wood-burning stove or fireplace can provide, especially in the cold of winter. However, bringing firewood into the house for that fire isn’t necessarily as relaxing, as there are a variety of household pests that can be brought in with the fuel. Controlling firewood pests is largely a matter of properly storing firewood outdoors and inspecting it before bringing it inside the house for a minute or two. The following are suggestions from the experts at  Chimney and masonry downriver Michigan for preventing firewood bugs from entering your home.

Storing Firewood Far Away from the Buildings:

Wood-boring pests can readily tunnel directly from the wood into the structure if woodpiles are placed against the home or other structures. As a result, by stacking wood against your house, you are essentially tempting wood-boring pests to move in. Therefore, firewood should be stored at least 3 feet away from any structure.

Eliminating Surface Pests:

Examine each log before bringing it into the house to be used in a fire: glance it over, shake it, and knock it together. Get rid of any pests that have surfaced or are about to appear. If you’re using a carrier set on the ground, inspect the bottom for any insects that might be clinging to it. Spraying wood is not recommended since it may produce hazardous fumes when burned.

Other Seasonal Tips:

Summer-cut wood should be put in a sunny area and covered since this will eliminate any insects that have infested the wood. It is suggested to cut wood in late summer to late fall to reduce new infestations of spring- or summer-emergent pests and be aware of your state and municipal rules on moving firewood.

Indoor Control Of The Firewood Pests:

Most pests that adhere to or infest firewood are more bothersome than harmful. They can be swatted, swept, vacuumed, or sprayed if introduced inside the house. However, because some wood-boring pests, such as carpenter ants, might come in with your firewood, seek new refuge in your home, and cause structural damage, prevention is essential.

Don’t Stack Firewood Indoors:

Firewood should never be kept indoors, whether in the house, the basement, or the garage. Insects may emerge and take up residence within the structure, and the firewood pile may provide an appealing home for rodents, other wildlife, or bug pests.

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