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Posted by on March 21, 2022

Many household owners believe that the air filter that comes standard with their HVAC system is there to protect their indoor air quality. While it does not affect indoor air quality, its primary role is to protect the air conditioner’s inside components from dust, filth, and other material that could harm the system.

The experts at Air conditioning repair Grosse Ile Michigan always recommend changing air filters every 1-3 months because if they become too clogged, airflow into and out of the HVAC system is impeded, leading to difficulties. If you do not change your air filter regularly, you may have the following symptoms:


You might not understand how crucial your air filter is to your air conditioner’s overall efficiency, but we are here to educate you. Please read more about this HVAC component and its control over your summer home comfort.

Diminished Energy Efficiency

When your AC struggles to circulate air throughout your home due to a blocked filter, it operates longer to compensate and attain the intended temperature on your thermostat. This wastes energy that you are still paying for and jeopardizes your comfort.


If an air filter becomes excessively clogged, the system may experience short-cycling. This is a procedure in which the system turns off and on rapidly. However, Short-cycling is inefficient since your air conditioner never completes an entire cooling cycle and wastes too much energy switching on and off frequently throughout the hour.

Frequent Repairs:


There is a buildup of system wear and tear when your air conditioner is forced to operate longer and work harder than it should be. This causes problems with your air conditioner’s performance and a premature breakdown. This summer, the last thing you want is costly maintenance or an early system replacement because you didn’t budget for it this year. Changing an air filter is simple but dealing with a complete air conditioner malfunction is not.

Poor Air Quality:

The air filter does not improve your indoor air quality. Dust and allergies, on the other hand, are drawn to it. However, if it’s too clogged and airflow is restricted, it won’t be able to gather as much debris, as usual, causing your indoor air quality to deteriorate even further. Regardless of whether your air filter is clogged or not, we have a variety of alternatives for enhancing your indoor air quality in general!

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