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Posted by on April 9, 2022

Aeration - dethatching Downriver Michigan

Aerating your lawn by using an aerator with two sides helps your lawn to be healthier and greener through:

  • Reduced compaction in the area of the lawn’s root
  • This allows for better drainage thus reducing excess water and run-off.
  • Reduced strain on grass because of drought, which reduces the chance of damage.
  • Assists with the breaking down and breakdown of the lawn
  • Facilitates fertilizer, air, water as well as other nutrients, to be more easily get to the grassroots.
  • Promotes quicker establishment in cases of over-seeding

Aerators For Tow And Pull Have An Attachment That Lets The User Connect To An Agricultural Tractor Or Riding Mower

In order to function properly, it is possible to increase the weight of your tractor if the soil is too difficult. Aeration – dethatching Downriver Michigan, The most effective method to use your tow-behind aerator is by driving it in straight lines or in a circle. Multiple passes over hard lawns can give you the greatest impact.

Five Steps to Use an Aerator Pull Behind

  • Connect the pull behind the aerator with your mower or tractor.
  • Include weights in the Aerator.This can be done by adding lead, water, or sand, in accordance with the aerator.The amount you require is dependent on how tough the soil is.
  • Perform a brief test run to confirm that you are using the aerator to the right depth.
  • The lawn should be aerated using long passes or in a circular pattern like the one mentioned earlier.Repeat the lawn a couple of times when it is required.
  • Clean the aerator’s tines.Make use of a small rag, water, and a screwdriver to get rid of dirt and small stones.

Aeration - dethatching Downriver Michigan

The Most Significant Benefit Of Pull Aerators Is The Fact That It Is Larger Than Other Types Of Aerator

They come with more tines and cover larger areas in one go, which saves the user a lot of time each time you are aerating. However, this feature makes them difficult to use, which is why it is essential that you use long passes or create large circles. Another benefit of towing behind Aerators is that they are affordable since you only need to purchase the attachment and not a separate tractor or lawnmower. They also typically come with multiple functions, such as the ability to seed over and apply fertilizers as well as the ability to aerate.

Pay Significantly

In the end, if you purchase an aerator tow and you pay for it, you will actually pay significantly less than renting it every time you have to aerate. Aerators with pullbacks cost between $100 and $700 while renting costs range from about $70-$110 per day. In addition, the rental fee is to coordinate pick-up and return. For those costs, it takes only several times of aerating to purchase the attachment instead of hiring (plus the time). The use of a tow aerator will increase the price of the riding mower.

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