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Posted by on June 17, 2019

Sweets are liked by one and all whether children or adult but the cookie is one of the most favored sweet confectionery out of all sweets. A number of bakeries add this mouth-watering sweet snack in its menu as a mandatory part of the menu. In addition to this cookies are also used for gift purpose and considered as a preferable to gift to friends, family members, and clients. However, cookies are itself an appetizing snack but it requires an up to mark containers to be packed. Interesting and creative cookie packaging enhance the outlook of the cookies. And also make the appearance of this sweet snack on bakery shelves more elegant. Some creative packaging techniques are listed below. These would facilitate the cookie makers to opt for the best packaging solution.

Cookie Packaging

7 Innovative Techniques of Cookie Packaging

These seven techniques would take your cookie business to the next level. Let’s have a look at these creative packaging ideas.

Awesome Cardboard Cookie Containers:

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common choices of cookie makers. These boxes are made from a thin stiff sheet of cardboard. First, the design is selected and then printed on the cardboard sheet. After this, the printed sheet is cut according to the shape of the package. Lastly, the joints are pasted together with the help of glue. The option of custom cookie boxes of cardboard are also available such as your company logos, taglines and slogans are printed on the boxes.

Brown Kraft Cookie Bags:

Kraft Cookie Bags

Kraft paper is a biodegradable packaging material that is used for making boxes, bags, pouches. The main reason for using Kraft bags or boxes for food packaging is it is easily recyclable and reusable. Cookies are itself brown in color so the brown cookie bags endow the luxurious display to these cookies. Although, Kraft cookie bags are also reusable for packaging of other food products.

Decorated Cookie Pouches:

Decorated Cookie Pouches

Stunning ribbons glitter, stickers, and other liked accessories are used to decorate the packs of cookies. Decorated cookie boxes are purposed to gift cookies on different occasions. Like on the birthdays, Easter, Christmas, most of the friends and relative’s gift cookies packed in decorated boxes. To enhance the presentation of the gifts these out of box packaging solutions are proven the best. Some people used homemade cookies for gift purpose so these packages are also very easy to make at home. Homemade cookies packed in handmade packages provide an innovative touch to the gifts.

Cute Paper Baskets for Cookies:

Paper Baskets for Cookies

In order to provide a soft look to the presentation of the cookies, cute paper made baskets are used by the cookie makers. These paper baskets are simply made from butter paper. So, it keeps the cookies fresh inside these baskets are also have an elegant display, therefore, these are used for display purpose. Bakeries used these paper baskets for cookies to display them on the shelves and front counters. This would attract customers to purchase them.

Alluring Cookie Boxes for Serving on Events:

Alluring Cookie Boxes

To grant special appearance to those cookies which are going to serve on special events custom cookie boxes are crucial. The best options of designs, sizes, styles, and shapes are available for the customer. Thus, they would choose their cookie box according to the requirement of the event. Different color schemes are also available for the boxes of the cookies. So, anyone can easily choose its desired color for their special cookie packaging. These amazing options add the essence of differentiation and creativity to your cookie cases.

Window Boxes to Present the Cookies on Shelves:


Basically, the major function of window packs is to display the inside item. Window boxes are also a creative way to pack the cookies. Different shapes of windows are used to increase the look of the cookies. For example, a star shape window is placed on cookie boxes to attract the kids. However, heart shape window is put on containers for gift purpose. All these beautiful shapes of windows express the emotions of the person who want to gift the cookies. Window cookie packs are also available to the cookie sellers and they would also get discounted rates for cookie boxes wholesale.

Rigid Cookie Boxes That Protect Them from Damage:

Rigid Cookie Boxes

Rigid boxes as the name explains is a stiff box that is usually used to ensure the safety and security of the cookies. In addition to this different cookie, the seller used traditional color schemes and designs for the rigid boxes to enhance its outer look.

In the end, the above-mentioned techniques provide an out of crowd display to the cookies. And also keep the cookies safe and secure while handling.


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