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Posted by on August 28, 2019

Medicines are the items of considerable significance to ensure the good health of individuals and for the removal of ailment from the body. Different types of drugs are available in the markets for different diseases. Various companies are operating at the same moment to provide the best pharmaceuticals to the customers. These sensitive items are vulnerable to damage, and if that happens, then it would be extremely harmful to the health of individuals. Therefore, they need to be delivered in proper medicine packaging to make sure that these drugs perform their functions with full efficiency in a safe and secure manner. A number of different materials can be used to manufacture proper and suitable coverings for this product. Their labels can also be printed with the help of modern technologies to guide the consumers about their proper use. The name of the company, date of manufacturing, and date of expiry can also be written for the facilitation of the customers.

Material Selection:


medicine packaging box

Different types of materials can be employed to manufacture different medicine boxes. They are chosen according to the nature of the drugs and the purpose of their use. Glass containers are typically used for the syrups and other oral items. They are easy to be modified into the desired shape and size. Other than that, the glass is often of different colors and is not transparent. Therefore, the rays of light are not able to pass through them and affect the quality of the pharmaceutical packed inside. Similarly, glass is also used as an encasement for injection ampules. The glass is easily broken, which makes it easy for the doctors or nurses to use the item. On the other hand, this easily breakable characteristic of the glass also makes them extremely sensitive and insecure. This problem can be solved by using plastic containers. They are not broken easily, are light in weight, and safe to carry from one place to another. But, it must be ensured that the plastic used for these coverings is biodegradable in nature and does not pollute the drugs packed inside. If the pharmaceutical products are expensive and of big sizes like tubes, oxygen cylinders, aerosol, etc. then they can also be wrapped in the metal encasements to make sure that the expensive and sensitive products are protected both internally as well as externally. Hence, the first thing which is needed to be considered in the wrapping of the drugs is their material, which is chosen according to the nature of the product itself.

Seal Pack:

Medicine Seal Packaging

The pharmaceutical products are extremely sensitive, and any damage to them might directly affect the health of the individuals in a negative way. Therefore, they should be sealed in order to retain their genuine nature during storage or transportation from one place to another. This strategy is especially employed during the covering of the liquid syrups and semiliquid gels or tubes. These items tend to seep through the container if the packaging if not airtight. This threat can be encountered with the help of a proper seal which is usually applied on the lid of the covering. The seal must be of such a material that is strong and sturdy as well as non-reactive and does not affect the properties of the drugs. This purpose can be fulfilled with the help of aluminum seals. Unlike other metals, the silver-colored aluminum does not react with other materials at standard temperature and pressure. Other than liquids and gels, some of the tablets are also needed to be sealed using appropriate methods. This is done by using a thin foil of aluminum. These foils are pasted at the opening of the plastic containers and keep the tablets in a protective form. Drugs are used in such a large quantity these days that medicine packaging wholesale is required for the wrapping of the items. They are provided by a large number of firms and organizations to the pharmaceutical companies within a short period of time.


medicine packaging label

After the proper covering of drugs with the help of suitable materials, now is the time to label them for the convenience of the consumers. Light paper material is required for this process. This name and details of the company providing it along with the method of the use of the drugs are usually printed on these labels. These custom printed medicine boxes are especially important for the pharmaceuticals of the kids. In this case, they are mostly available in the powder form, and a specific amount of water is to be added to prepare the final mixture. Similarly, certain precautions like protecting it from heat and cold, keep it away from the range of children, use only as designated by the doctors, etc. can also be written on them for the guidance of the patients.

Allied Processes:

medicine box packaging

The wrapping is practically complete after the labeling of the containers. But certain unified methods are necessary for some specific drugs. A few of the pharmaceutical products are only safe when they are inside the refrigerator. If they are exposed to average room temperature, then their constituents might be decomposed. An ice bag is used in this case as a solution. Ice is poured into a specific plastic bag and is placed with the drug in the same wrapper. This method is extremely efficient for the safe transfer of the item to a considerable distance.



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