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Posted by on April 9, 2019

Physiotherapy exists as a form of treatment for dysfunctions and disabilities thousands of years ago. It is considered a key treatment in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from debilitating conditions resulting from accidents or diseases.


Although there are references to the use of physical agents to prevent and treat diseases from very remote times, only with Hippocrates, in ancient Greece began to take the first steps in the development of physiotherapy as a profession.

Hippocrates used massages as a form of therapy to help recover and maintain the motor and functional abilities of the body.

Precisely because of the importance that massages have always had throughout the history of Physiotherapy, even today we continue to associate them with the Physiotherapist in Dwarka. However, the field of intervention of Physiotherapy and the techniques used by the best physiotherapist in Dwarka go far beyond massages.

What is Physiotherapy?

According to the WCHPT (World Confederation of Physiotherapy), it is defined as the area of ​​health responsible for promoting, developing, maintaining and rehabilitating the mobility and functionality capabilities of people throughout their lives.

The main interest and objective of Physiotherapist in Janakpuri is to identify and maximize the quality of life and the potential of movement of each person in the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment / intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation of health.

For physiotherapy in Dwarka, functional movement is essential for the person to be considered healthy.

The physiotherapist

When the function and mobility of a person are affected by pain, aging, injury, illness, disability and long periods of inactivity, the best physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka is the qualified health professional to do the complete medical review of the patient.

This exam is focused on the person as a whole, that is, the Physiotherapist in Uttam Nagar will consider not only the physical well-being as well as the psychological, emotional and social well-being in order to reach the diagnosis and elaborate the most appropriate treatment plan for each person.

Thanks to its deep anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body and movement, the Physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka promotes wellness, mobility, and independence in people from 0 to 99 years old.

From the Hippocrates massages to today, the techniques used in the best physiotherapy in Dwarka have evolved a lot. Each area of ​​intervention of Physiotherapy has its own specialized techniques and based on scientific evidence. And in this complex world, today there are even specialized physiotherapist in Janakpuri in only one of the areas and within that area, in some specific diseases (for example: Parkinson’s, cerebrovascular accidents, traumatic injuries of the knee, incontinence, etc … ).

Areas of the Intervention of Physiotherapy

At physiotherapy centre in Dwarka, we are committed to everyone’s health and we believe that the movement of the body is an essential element for health and well-being. For this reason, we know the importance that Physiotherapy has to maintain and recover health. Do not hesitate to contact a Physiotherapist in Dwarka if you feel that your mobility may be affected.


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