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Posted by on May 8, 2019

The physiotherapy in Dwarka is one of the most popular branches as procedures association used to treat and prevent various types of injuries and illnesses in the human body is extremely important in all phases of human life, both in prevention and treatment of health problems. It can be performed in specialized physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka or at the patient’s home, with all the convenience and ease.


The techniques applied in the physiotherapeutic sessions are varied, being combined and applied according to the specific needs of each patient, taking into account their age, type of injury, disease evolution or dysfunction, among other aspects.

The Advantages of Physical Therapy and Stimulation

The home physiotherapy in Dwarka is used both to prevent and to treat problems of the muscles, bones, joints and tendons of the body, especially in cases of fractures, surgeries and specific pathologies. The main advantages of this specialty are the recovery of the motor function and the relief of the common pains to the diverse medical frames related.

In prevention, the physiotherapist in Dwarka identifies and corrects postural, muscular and bone problems that can lead to serious future injuries.

The Treatment

In the treatment, several diseases are included, the main ones are

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI / DTS);
  • Herniated Disc;
  • Tendinitis;
  • Post-Fracture Recovery;
  • Postural Problems;
  • Ligaments, Neuromotor Dysfunctions;
  • Among Many Others.

Such treatments promote a substantial improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

The techniques used for physiotherapy in Dwarka are combined and adapted according to the individual needs of the patient. Among the main ones are the massage, the specific exercises, treatments with water in alternating temperatures and also with own apparatuses.

Our Professionals

The Physiotherapy Centre in Dwarka has a team of highly trained and best physiotherapist in Dwarka, ready to offer the best for the total rehabilitation of children, adults, the elderly, people with special needs, and for any patient who needs professional care at home.

Objective of Home Physiotherapy

The home physiotherapy in Dwarka aims to restore the physical, personal and social patient, always in the comfort and convenience of their own homes with a humanized and personalized treatment and we spare no resources for the patient has a speedy recovery.


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