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Posted by on May 9, 2019

What is Home Physical Therapy

The Home Physiotherapy in Dwarka or also called Physiotherapy Home Care has become a trend increasingly growing and present in the lives of patients, making more humanized and individualized care. Also called physiotherapy services at home in Dwarka. This technique has emerged with the intention of offering a more comfortable environment and a more particular treatment for each patient.


People who opt for the presence of the physiotherapist for home visit in Dwarka  do so for a variety of reasons, such as flexibility of schedules, the impossibility of locomotion, especially in the case of injured or elderly patients, and even the comfort and practicality our homes offer.

Advantages of home physical therapy

Many physicians have increasingly recommended their patients to opt for home physiotherapy in Janakpuri, since in some cases the presence of family and caregivers during sessions can mean a great deal in rehabilitation.

In home care physiotherapy in Dwarka, there is no shortage of resources for the patient to recover from injuries or illnesses. The techniques employed, as well as resources such as appliances and equipment, are moved to the patient’s home, making the home a true office, with the best to be offered so that there is full recovery of health.

How Home Care Physiotherapy Works

Home care physiotherapy in Dwarka works basically like conventional physiotherapy, but with greater flexibility of schedules in order to meet the needs of each person. In addition, some patients are unable to be removed from the home for treatment to start, so it is extremely important that they receive therapy in the comfort of their home, with the presence of family members or caregivers.

The techniques used for physical therapy at home by the best physiotherapist in Dwarka are, among the main ones: massage, gymnastics and specific exercises, treatments with hot or cold water and also with own equipment for rehabilitation, such as swings, balls, elastics, ultrasound, among others. All these possibilities are aimed at restoring health and promoting the rehabilitation of patients.

The Physiotherapy Centre in Dwarka has highly trained and trained professionals, ready to offer the best of physical therapy for the elderly, children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and other patients who need care in their own home.

Physical therapy at home provides the patient with:

  • Individual and specialized treatment
  • Convenience, convenience and well-being
  • Saving time and financial resources
  • Ease of adapting the home environment to the new needs of the patient
  • Acceleration of recovery

The Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka is totally specialized in home physiotherapy, transforming the home of our patients into real rehabilitation clinics. For this, we have numerous equipment and devices so that the consultation at home is effective and brings the best results.


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