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Posted by on May 27, 2019

In less than a decade the technology has advanced so fast in terms of lighter and more portable electronic devices with the creation of tablets or Smartphones, to be connected to the network at any time of the day, whether at home, office, during a walk, etc. But it has also had a direct impact on our health, specifically in our cervical spine, producing pain at the level of the neck, due to the postures we adapt while handling these devices. Such has been the increase of the pain that has been described by physiotherapist in Dwarka as Text Neck Syndrome.

Neck pain has increased exponentially according to the best physiotherapist in Dwarka at least 42% of minors and almost 50% of adults use this device regularly during the day in unhealthy positions. body, producing changes in the natural anatomy of the body. But what is the real reason for this?

The anatomy of the cervical spine.

Constituted by 7 vertebrae, between each of 6 intervertebral discs and no less than 30 muscles by their sides, back (nape) and anterior (area of ​​the throat), support and discharge directly and correctly the weight of the head.

The vertebrae joined together, have a natural curvature called lordosis, which relates harmoniously all the muscles of the area. In this way the head is aligned in its natural state and with less use of energy that produces wear to the body. This correct posture can be easily observed if we have the ear lobe aligned with the shoulder.

Due to the effect of gravity, the head goes forward, but the muscles of the back of the neck are constantly in action “pulling” back to the same and avoid changing the natural anatomy of the neck itself, thus maintaining a healthy balance

The movements that we can make thanks to these muscles are the rotation and inclination towards the right and left, flexion and extension of the neck.

Can the use of the tablet cause pain in the neck?

An investigation carried out in India where top physiotherapist in Dwarka reveal that due to the habitual postures that we adapt at the moment of using these devices cause a greater tension of the neck when it is lying down or It is placed on the lap, which can eventually cause discomfort or pain along the neck. Each year the acquisition of the mobile and its presence in the homes of India increases, with 42% of the minors being those who remain using the devices with more time and adults with ages between 35 and 49 years at least one they use it once a day.

text neck

What is cervical disc herniation and what are its causes and symptoms?

Discal protrusions or fiscal hernias at the cervical level or in the cervical vertebrae is a problem of increasing relevance due to the frequency with which it occurs in modern society, due in part to life stress, and partly to the adoption of bad postures of work origin, as well as the use of tablets and mobiles. It produces a variety of symptoms: such as radiculopathy or radiculalgia or cervicobrachialgia with loss of strength in the arm and hand and loss of sensitivity, warns physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka.

What is cervical pain and what are its causes and symptoms?

The term cervicalgia refers to a set of symptoms and affections that have in common are the pain of the cervical area of ​​the back.

While we use a mobile we change slowly with our postures the natural shape of the neck, flattens its lordotic curvature, especially when sitting and lowering the head to see better. Producing what is called “neck protrusion” or head forward.

The protrusion of the head happens when the ear lobe is much anterior to the position of the shoulders, not being correctly aligned with the rest of the body, and may produce future negative effects such as:

  • Pain at the level of the neck, due to the use of the posterior musculature.
  • Muscle contractures in the lateral or posterior area of ​​the neck.
  • Appearance of herniated discs by pressure of the vertebral discs.
  • Each centimeter that we advance the head can increase 5 g the weight that support our vertebrae, reaching a dangerous number of 13 Kg.
  • The advanced head can, over the years, produce osteoarthrosis or osteoarthritis.

We are all prone to suffer from these bad positions, but we must pay attention to children and young people, because every year they increase the use of these devices at an early age and we do not pay attention to their positions, suggests physiotherapist in Janakpuri.

Recommendations to avoid pain in the neck while using the tablet.

  • Use these devices as much as possible, at the level of our eyes to avoid lowering the head and keep the neck straight and straight.
  • Use a base on the table that can raise the view a little more and avoid loading the device with the arms.
  • We must avoid long journeys using these devices, every 15 or 20 minutes take a break, to stop, walk, and thus promote a change of position.
  • Maintain a regular physical activity to promote proper circulation and blood supply to our muscles.
  • Create a schedule of use for the little ones in the house, since from an early age they can develop pains characteristic of adulthood.
  • Correct the bad postures we observe in the minors when using the tablet, muscle shortening can be established from the early years of childhood and adolescence.
  • Avoid using these screens before sleep, directly affects sleep cycles causing greater difficulty in sleeping and increase the chances of suffering from diabetes, obesity, depression or heart problems.
  • In the same way avoid using the tablet as soon as your eyes open early in the morning, as it produces fatigue and visual stress.
  • Every year the number of people sensitive to electromagnetic waves generated by electronic devices increases, therefore it is better to turn them off at night.

Neck pain every year has a high percentage of prevalence as one of the factors that produce discomfort on people at least once a day. Ignoring the discomfort from the first moment can lead to wear and produce pathologies so diverse that increase the chances of performing a surgical procedure over the years. Therefore, it is very important that you take these recommendations with caution for you and your loved ones, so that in a simple way you can keep your neck healthy and begin to change your bad postural habits.

Contact us today to know how to avoid discomfort of neck by physiotherapy in Dwarka.


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