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Posted by on November 16, 2020

During the life of man, different urological pathologies associated with each stage manifest. Precisely for this reason,  Dr. Shailendra Goel, urologist in Noida, reviews the main urological conditions of men in order to encourage knowledge of them and their prevention.

The most frequent problems in men’s urology can arise from the age of 20, which is when shadows such as premature ejaculation tend to come to the fore, which can affect almost 40 percent of the male population.

Faced with such a problem, urologist in Ghaziabad is blunt. “The man should not look the other way when he has problems of this nature, the ideal is to consult a specialist. Urologists are repetitive but men must get used to the idea that going to the urologist in Vaishali should be as normal as it is for women to go to the gynecologist. This pathology is usually one of the main causes of dissatisfaction of the couple”.

If this problem is not solved, it can be prolonged for life, adding other pathologies since, from the age of 30, a man begins to experience an enlarged prostate. This happens naturally and does not usually show symptoms until years later.

Even so, during the decade of 30 years and up to 40, urologist in Greater Noida highlights the most common pathology, infertility, something that worries many couples: “Male infertility is increasing, being responsible for 50% of the couple’s fertility problems. There are many causes that can alter the number or quality of sperm, genetic, congenital, hormonal, vascular (varicocele), infectious, obstructive, toxic. Whenever possible, specific treatments are applied, medical (antioxidant, hormonal treatment) or surgical (varicocele, epididymis, deferent or ejaculatory duct surgery) ”.

From the age of 40, the urology of men will be marked by erectile dysfunction. The best urologist in Noida affirms that “it is more frequent than you think and at least one in four 40-year-old men suffers from it. This figure increases over time, but it is important here to consult the sexologist in Noida, because there are highly satisfactory treatments. In addition, erectile dysfunction is often caused by underlying diseases that have not yet faced, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, and it is important to recognize this first symptom in order to correct the contributing factors and prevent its progression to further pathologies. serious ».

Once a man reaches 50 years of age, in addition to the aforementioned lack of erection, he usually experiences the symptoms inherent to an enlarged prostate or, what is the same, benign hyperplasia. It is at this time that you may begin to have symptoms such as an urge to urinate, getting up to urinate at night, having less intensity in the “stream” of urine and discomfort during bladder emptying, which are a consequence of benign hyperplasia of prostate.

Despite the discomfort, men in our country do not usually go to the best urologist in Ghaziabad until the condition is quite advanced. Dr. Goel comments “Benign prostate hyperplasia today has very effective, fast and simple treatments, such as laser prostate enucleation, which allows the individual to return to normal life a few days after the intervention with minimal risk. This intervention, besides being minimally invasive, allows the man to preserve erectile function, which is already diminished by age”.

Finally, the other pathology that most worries men in our country and that usually occurs after the age of 60, is prostate cancer, a disease of which 60,000 cases are diagnosed annually. In this case, Dr. Goel encourages you to continue going to the best urologist in Greater Noida from the age of 50 “if a patient has a family history, the determination of PSA is essential from the age of 40. The urologist must decide for each patient the periodicity of subsequent check-ups. Our only chance to cure prostate cancer is early diagnosis of the disease. The use of PSA has recently been questioned but it remains a useful tool when used appropriately”.


There are diseases inherent over time, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and there are even pathologies that are given in themselves. Even so, delaying the time of appearance of some diseases is possible. A high-fat diet has recently been shown to be a fierce enemy of prostate health. Dr. Goel explains: “Eating a healthy diet and practicing frequent exercise can be a favorable preventive measure. The Mediterranean diet and avoiding being overweight, tobacco and alcohol are a good way to eliminate possible risk factors for the appearance of prostate problems”.

Finally, before the appearance of news such as that coffee is a friend of the prostate, the Dr. comments: “of course, a diet rich in foods that contain omega 3 fats (they correct prostate defects), lycopene (helps to stop the aging of the prostate), selenium (helps to reduce inflammation of the prostate) and zinc (fundamental mineral in the sexual function that helps to prevent prostate lesions) can be of great help in the prevention of frequent pathologies ”.

The Dr. confirms “A varied and balanced diet, in which tobacco is eliminated and to which sport is added, can be a great source of urological health”.


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