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Posted by on May 17, 2019

Pepper sprays, stun weapons, kubotans and gel blasters, they all work well for stopping an attack, however does one self-defense weapon truly work any far better than another? There is no short answer to this concern. Each individual protection weapon has advantages in addition to disadvantages. I’ve already composed a variety of write-ups on just how some of these weapons job, so this time around I’ll simply attempt to offer you a short description of the pros and cons of a few of the even more preferred self-defense weapons, and afterwards only you can make a decision which one works best for you.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a superb self defense weapon but it does have restrictions. The chemical warm produced from defensive sprays works incredibly well at stopping an aggressor in their tracks. Pepper spray creates a virtually immediate swelling of the mucus membrane layers in the eyes, nose, throat and also lungs of your enemy, causing them a large amount of discomfort in addition to the failure to open their eyes or capture their breath, hence allowing you to flee.

The typical pepper spray on the market today has a series of anywhere from 8 feet approximately 20 feet permitting you to make use of the device from substantial range far from your would be aggressor. The limitations of pepper spray are that your assailant needs to be hit in or around the area of their face for it to be reliable.

Regrettably, wind conditions can have a result on the instructions of the spray. Also numerous attacks occur from behind or by surprise, making it challenging to take aim with a defensive spray. On the other hand, if you have your pepper spray prepared and look out adequate to your bordering to avoid being surprised, then pepper spray is possibly one of the most reliable non lethal defense weapon you can have.

Stun Weapons

Stun guns are another exceptional self defense weapon. They utilize electric voltage to interrupt the muscle mass features of your assailant. The voltage created by a stun weapon triggers some discomfort however more significantly, they hinder the neurological impulses from the mind to the muscular tissues providing your attacker unable to regulate their muscle feature. The down side to a stun device is that the electrodes need to enter into contact with your target. That suggests that your opponent needs to be right in your face before you can utilize the weapon versus them.

On the bonus side, stun guns work virtually anywhere on the body, so if you are attacked from behind or shocked, you do not need to take aim as you would certainly with the defensive sprays. Simply reach around and jam the weapon right into your assaulters body, after that push the button.


Kubotans are perhaps the most preferred of all personal self-defense weapons. One factor is that the kubotan is a very efficient pressure point weapon that is considered non dangerous as well as lawful virtually anywhere. (I state nearly anywhere because despite the fact that I don’t understand of anywhere that they’re not legal, I additionally do not know every legislation in every city in the country. I will certainly nevertheless say this, if they are illegal somewhere, that legislation requires to be transformed).

An additional factor kubotans are so popular is that they are exceptionally easy to lug. While there are a variety of different styles of kubotans, the average one is little more than a stick that has to do with 5 1/2 inches long and around 1/2 inch in diameter. They can be conveniently brought in your pocket and also the majority of the kubotans today have a key ring connected to them, which makes them conveniently available whenever you are lugging your tricks with you.


Knives are seldom utilized for self-defense purposes. While they can make a superb self-defense weapon, couple of individuals is absolutely prepared to reduce or stab another person. There’s something concerning slashing one more human being that would certainly make most people all too aware of just how soft and also breakable their very own bodies are. I have actually personally invested a long time finding out knife-fighting methods, yet it’s still not my weapon of selection.


The last weapons that I’ll talk about today are handguns. What can be claimed about a gun that hasn’t already been claimed? Handguns are potentially the ultimate protection weapons. Also somebody with very little intelligence is likely to quit whatever they’re doing when they find themselves looking down the barrel of a packed gun. The only downside to weapons is that almost any individual can shoot of a weapon and also eliminate one more person. Also a small child can unintentionally fire and eliminate a person with a pistol. A variety of individuals are inadvertently killed each year by someone who really did not understand just how to effectively make use of a gun. This can make weapons extremely hazardous in the wrong hands.

I am directly a solid advocate for the right to bear arms, yet I am equally as strongly opposed to anyone taking care of a firearm without the correct training.

That’s about it for today people. I can go on and on concerning self-defense weapons, yet this write-up is currently obtaining a bit extensive. I’ll enter into even more detail with several of my future posts, however, for now, I hope that I’ve provided you adequate mind food to create you to intend to do several of your own study on protection weapons.


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