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Posted by on September 22, 2021

Hair transplant surgery is one of the many medical procedures that have become more popular than ever in the United States. Although most people only think about it when their hair begins to fall out, in some cases, bald spots can develop because of the transplant. As people age, they lose more hair than healthy hair. Baldness affects men more commonly than women, but it can also affect both sexes at different times.

hair transplant turkey

Most doctors who perform hair transplant Turkey work with a technique known as follicular unit extraction. This technique uses a small tube to remove a small number of hair follicles at a time. In order to do this, doctors will make an incision under the base of the hair root. Each strip is removed and placed into a separate hole in the skin. When the strip grows to a certain length, it is separated from the other strips under the skin and taken away for transplant.

Dr. Istanbul has been practicing hair transplant turmeric treatments for about a decade

He said that he first started doing these hair transplants when he noticed that there were a lot of older patients who were losing hair. When he asked his doctor how he could help them, the doctor told him to take hairs from the back of the patient’s head and remove them. From that point on, Dr. Istanbul has been making hair transplant turkey procedures a regular part of his practice.

One of the benefits that he finds from doing the hair transplant procedure on turkey patients is that the bald spots do not need to be treated with chemicals like hair loss sprays and so on. The procedure can leave the patient with healthier, more natural-looking results. He also says that the hair transplant surgery takes only about an hour, depending on the procedure. The hair can be growing in the scalp, and new hair will start to grow within a few weeks after the surgery. Dr. Istanbul also offers hair transplant turkey patients the option of not having a receding hairline.

During the hair transplant turkey procedure, the physician does an initial exam and looks at the overall health of the patient. He checks for conditions such as diabetes, liver problems and possible infection. Any medical conditions will need to be addressed before surgery. Once the patient is cleared for surgery, he will be placed in a recovery position. In this post-operative care, the patient will be given fluids and antibiotics to prevent infection. The doctor may put some drains in the wound to allow fluid flow and to prevent blood clots.

It’s important for health tourists to be careful when they get anesthesia

According to the World Health Organization, anesthesia affects the normal functions of all parts of the body, so patients need to be alert and aware at all times. For pregnant women and people with a history of adverse reactions to anesthesia, hair transplant surgery is generally avoided. Even so, hair transplant turkey clinics are still operating, so people who have bad histories or who are considering getting a hair transplant may try it.

After the hair transplant turkey clinic has done its work, the scalp will be covered with gauze or a bandage. The donor area will need time to recover from the surgery. The patient may see improvements after a week or two, but if there are no noticeable changes then a month or so is enough. In general, about six weeks is required for hair growth to begin in the donor area.

Hair transplant turkey Istanbul provides its customers with a good solution for damaged or missing hair. This operation can even be beneficial for people who have balding areas on their heads. Hair loss surgery is one way to help these people regain their previous appearance. Hair replacement surgery performed by competent hair transplant specialists is much less expensive than that of having it done through an implant.



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