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Posted by on November 12, 2019

Curse Client is a program developing by Curse. Curse Client is a utility that allows you to install and manage add-ons for World of Warcraft, War hammer Online and Runes of Magic quickly.

If you detect a new version of your extensions, Curse Client alerts and offers a quick update. Compensation works add-ons similarly to take full advantage of Curse Client. However, you need to have a premium account.”

With the Curse Client Extender Manager, view, install, and update your World of Warcraft, War hammer Online, Runes of Magic, Rift, Skyrim, Oblivion, and Minecraft add-ons. Automatically sync your extensions to multiple computers and back up your interface settings. Curse Client enhances the security of your computer by protecting you from viruses, malware and password stealing.

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