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Console Commands

Eco Console Commands and Cheats for PC

Eco is basically a community based game where the players are themselves responsible for the success of their world. This game requires the involvement of many players and the collaborations between them. It has the simulation of a variety of plants and animals. In such an environment, management sometimes becomes difficult to cope up with. This is when the players tend to get inclined a bit towards the advantages obtained from using the cheat codes. Eco provides the players a series of console commands which makes managing and simulating the environment easier. These codes focus on different aspects. Pressing ENTER opens the chat window where the cheat code is typed for execution. Check the best skyrim console commands & cheats. How to use them?| lyncconf

Eco Console Commands and Cheats for PC

Eco Console Commands and Cheats for PC

Cheat codes and their uses

./warp RegionTutorial= This shows a region tutorial of the game.

.//wand= It sets the region points wherever required.

.//pos1 Z,Y,Z= It provides coordinates to set positions in the mentioned point.

./Rg Claim [region name]= It is used to claim a region.

./Rg Flag [region name] Teleport Here= It sets a teleporting point in the mentioned region.

./Rg Flag [Rg name] PvP Deny= It is used to stop or deny player vs player combat in a specific region.

./Rg Flag [Rg name] –g [nonmembers, nonowners] [flag]= It allows only certain specific players to use the items.

./help= It displays the list of commands.

./pay [playername],[amount],[currency]= It is used to pay a certain amount of money to another player.

./unstuck= It prevents sticking or unsticks an avatar.

./fly= It toggles the fly mode.

./admin [player]= It adds a certain player as an admin.

./allskills= It is used to unlock all the skills.

./allworldobjects= It is used for spawning of all the world objects.

./allterrain= Here all the dig-able blocks are unlocked.

./atm= It adds an atmosphere.

./day= It is used to change server time to day and lock it.

./destroymeteor= It destroys all the meteors in the orbit.

./dumpcarried= Here all the carried items are dumped.

./give [itemname],(amount)= Player can attain a desired item in required amount using this command.

./noskills= All the skills by default become zero.

/ownall= The player attains all the property here.

./poorbunnies= It kills all the animals.

./setspawn= It changes the spawn location to the player’s current location.

./skillpoints [amount]= It gives the player skill points in required amount.

./teleportplayer [player]= It teleports a player to another player.

./teleport (x),(y),(z)= It teleports the player to the mentioned place.

./vomit= It is used to empty player’s stomach.

./Warp [warp]= It teleports to any important station.

./Rankup= It ranks up the player to another level.

./Bal /Money= It shows the current money present.

./Buy= It allows to buy stuffs from the store.

./w= It is used to message other players in private.

./HelpOp= It is used for texting online Owners and Global Mods.

./Sneak= It lets the player sneak out.

./Kit= This is used to get access to kits (Gold, Iron, Diamond, etc)

./eat= Used for feeding a player.

./god= It allows the player to play in god mode that is player cannot be killed.

./v= It lets the player vanish.

./nick= It assigns a nickname to the player.

./ci= It is used to clear the inventory.

./hat= It is used to make a block hat.

./echest= Used for enderchest.

./Kittycannon= It is used to shoot a cat.

./firework= It helps in launching randomly generated fireworks.

./craft= It is used to access a crafting table.

The above console commands are most widely used to enhance the overall performance of a player and make the gameplay easier. These list of codes cover almost all the essential aspects of the gameplay.


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